Most Cited Articles

Most Cited Articles

Most Cited Articles – 2017

Multimodal Biometrics Recognition from Facial Video via Deep Learning
Sayan Maity, Mohamed Abdel-Mottaleb and Shihab S. Asfour, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.8, No.1, February 2017, PP. 1-9
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2017.8101

Human Action Recognition in Videos Using Stable Features
Mohib Ullah, Habib Ullah and Ibrahim M. Alseadoon, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.8 , No.6 ,December 2017, PP. 1-10
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2017.8601

Most Cited Articles – 2016

RGBEXCEL : An RGB Image Data Extractor and Exporter for Excel Processing
Peter A. Larbi, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.7, No.1, February 2016, PP. 1-9
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2016.7101

Objective Quality Assessment of Image Enhancement Methods in Digital Mammography - A Comparative Study
Sheba K.U and Gladston Raj S, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.7, No.4, August 2016, PP. 1-13
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2016.7401

Compression Based Face Recognition Using DWT and SVM
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DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2016.7304

An Innovative Moving Object Detection and Tracking System by Using Modified Region Growing Algorithm
G. Sharmila Sujatha and V. Valli Kumari, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.7, No.2, April 2016, PP. 39-55
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2016.7203

A Hybrid Approach Based Segmentation Technique for Brain Tumor in MRI Images
D. Anithadevi and K. Perumal, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.7, No.1, February 2016, PP. 21-30
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2016.7103

Most Cited Articles – 2015

A Review Paper : Noise Models in Digital Image Processing
Ajay Kumar Boyat and Brijendra Kumar Joshi, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.6, No.2, April 2015, PP. 63-75
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2015.6206

A Study of Speckle Noise Reduction Filters
Jyoti Jaybhay and Rajveer Shastri, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.6, No.3, June 2015, PP. 71-80
DOI :10.5121/sipij.2015.6306

A Modified Distance Regularized Level Set Model for Liver Segmentation from CT Images
Nuseiba M. Altarawneh, Suhuai Luo, Brian Regan and Changming Sun , SIPIJ Journal, Vol.6, No.1, February 2015, PP. 1-11
DOI :10.5121/sipij.2015.6101

Most Cited Articles – 2014

Image Denoising Using New Adaptive Based Median Filter
Suman Shrestha, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.5, No.4, August 2014, PP. 1-13
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Vehicle Detection and Tracking Techniques : A Concise Review
Raad Ahmed Hadi, Ghazali Sulong and Loay Edwar George, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.5, No.1,February 2014, PP. 1-12
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2014.5101

A Combined Method of Fractal and GLCM Features for MRI and CT Scan Images Classification
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Offline Handwritten Signature Identification Using Adaptive Window Positioning Techniques
Ghazali Sulong, Anwar Yahy Ebrahim and Muhammad Jehanzeb, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.5, No.3,June 2014, PP. 13-24
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2014.5302

Global Threshold and Region-Based Active Contour Model for Accurate Image Segmentation
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DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2014.5301

Most Cited Articles – 2013

Algorithm and Technique on Various Edge Detection : A Survey
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An Overview of Multimodal Biometrics
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Feature Extraction Using MFCC
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A Comparative Study of Histogram Equalization Based Image Enhancement Techniques for Brightness Preservation and Contrast Enhancement
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A Gaussian Mixture Model Based Speech Recognition System Using MATLAB
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Performance Analysis of LMS Adaptive FIR Filter and RLS Adaptive FIR Filter for Noise Cancellation
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Efficient Image Retireval Using Region Based Image Retrieval
Niket Amoda and Ramesh K Kulkarni , SIPIJ Journal, Vol.4, No.3, June 2013, PP. 17-29
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Literature Survey on Impulse Noise Reduction
Manohar Koli and S.Balaji, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.4, No.5, October 2013, PP. 75-95
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2013.4506

Most Cited Articles – 2012

Content Based Image Retrieval Using Color and Texture
Manimala Singha and K.Hemachandran, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.3, No.1, February 2012, PP. 39-57
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Red Blood Cells Estimation Using Hough Transform Technique
Nasrul Humaimi Mahmood and Muhammad Asraf Mansor, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.3, No.2, April 2012, PP. 53-64
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Histopathological Image Analysis Using Image Processing Techniques: An Overview
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Performance Improvement in OFDM System by PAPR Reduction
Suverna Sengar and Partha Pratim Bhattacharya, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.3, No.2, April 2012, PP. 157-169
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Most Cited Articles - 2011

Efficient CBIR Using Color Histogram Processing
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Review of Motion Estimation and Video Stabilization Techniques for Hand Held Mobile Video
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Ubiquitous Positioning: A Taxonomy for Location Determination on Mobile Navigation System
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DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2011.2103

Image Encryption Using Differential Evolution Approach in Frequency Domain
Ibrahim S I Abuhaiba and Maaly A S Hassan, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.2, No.1, March 2011, PP. 51-69
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2011.2105

Combination of Local Descriptors and Global Features for Leaf Recognition
Maliheh Shabanzade, Morteza Zahedi and Seyyed Amin Aghvami , SIPIJ Journal, Vol.2, No.3, September 2011, PP. 23-31
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2011.2303

Most Cited Articles - 2010

Two New Approaches for Secured Image Steganography Using Cryptographic Techniques and Type Conversions
Sujay Narayana and Gaurav Prasad, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.1, No.2, December 2010, PP. 94-112
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2010.1209

Speech Recognition Using HMM with MFCC-An Analysis Using Frequency Specral Decomposion Technique
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Combining Neural Networks for Skin Detection
Chelsia Amy Doukim, Jamal Ahmad Dargham, Ali Chekima and Sigeru Omatu, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.1, No.2, December 2010, PP. 1-11
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2010.1201

High Speed and Area Efficient 2D DWT Processor Based Image Compression
Sugreev Kaur and Rajesh Mehra, SIPIJ Journal, Vol.1, No.2, December 2010, PP. 22-31
DOI : 10.5121/sipij.2010.1203