Current Issue

November 2018, Volume 9, Number 6

A Formal Method for Mapping Software Engineering Practices to Essence
Murat Pasa Uysal, Başkent University, Turkey

A Novel Effort Estimation Model for Software Requirement Changes During Software Development Phase
Jalal Shah, Nazri Kama and Nur Azaliah A Bakar, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Generic Modelling Using Uml Extensions for Queens Challenge Puzzle Game From 1 to 25 Levels System
Hussain Mohammad Abu-Dalbouh, Ghadeer AlJibreen and Nehal AlDowighri, Qassim University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Investigating Game Developers’ Guilt Emotions Using Sentiment Analysis
Lamiaa Mostafa and MarwaAbd Elghany, Arab Academy for Science & Technology, Egypt

Securing Software Development Stages Using Aspect-Orientation Concepts
Aws A. Magableh and Anas M. R. AlSobeh, Yarmouk University, Jordan

Empirically Validated Simplicity Evaluation Model for Object Oriented Software
Abdullah1 and Mahfuzul Huda2, 1Adigrat University, Ethiopia-Africa, 2Saudi Electronic University, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

September 2018, Volume 9, Number 5

Investigate, Identify and Estimate the Technical Debt: A Systematic Mapping Study
Mrwan BenIdris, Hany Ammar and Dale Dzielski, West Virginia University, USA

Identification of Promoted Eclipse Unstable Interfaces Using Clone Detection Technique
Simon Kawuma and Evarist Nabaasa, Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda

Performance Evaluation of Structured and Semi-Structured Bioinformatics Tools : A Comparative Study
Raja A. Moftah1, Abdelsalam M. Maatuk1 and Richard White2, 1Benghazi University, Libya and 2Cardiff University, UK

July 2018, Volume 9, Number 4

A Log-Based Trace and Reply Tool Integrating Software and Infrastructure
Noriko Hanakawa1 and Masaki Obana2, 1Hannan University, Japan and 2Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan

Tracing Requirements as a Problem of Machine Learning
Zeheng Li and LiGuo Huang, Southern Methodist University, USA

Emotion Detection from Voice Based Classified Frame-Energy Signal Using K-Means Clustering
Nazia Hossain, Rifat Jahan and Tanjila Tabasum Tunka, Stamford University Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Characterization of Open-Source Applications and Test Suites
Sarojini Balasubramanian and Kristen R. Walcott, University of Colorado, USA

Pre-Processing Image Algorithm for Fingerprint Recognition and its Implementation on DSP TMS320C6416
Farah Dhib1, Mohsen Machhout2 and Aguili Taoufik1, 1National School of the Studies of Engineer of Tunis, Tunisia and
2Faculty of Sciences of Monastir, Tunisia

LDTT : A Low Level Driver Unit Testing Tool
Poorani Dharmasivam and Kristen R. Walcott, University of Colorado, USA

Validation and Verification of SYSML Activity Diagrams Using HOARE Logic
Yufei Yin1, Shaoying Liu1 and Yixiang Chen2, 1Hosei University, Japan and 2East China Normal University, China

STATICMOCK : A Mock Object Framework for Compiled Languages
Dustin Bingham And Kristen R.Walcott, University of Colorado, USA

Design and Implementation of Automated Visualization for Input/Output for Processes in SOFL Formal Specifications
Yu Chen and Shaoying Liu, Hosei University, Japan

May 2018, Volume 9, Number 3

Quality Metrics of Test Suites in Testdriven Designed Applications
Hessah Alkaoud and Kristen R. Walcott, University of Colorado Springs, USA

Towards Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis : An-Ontology Based Approach
Mohammad S. Zurob and Wael F. Al Sarraj, The Islamic University, Palestine

March 2018, Volume 9, Number 2

Using Jupyterhub in the Classroom : Setup and Lessons Learned
Jeff Brown, University of North Carolina, USA

Cresus-T: A Collaborative Requirements Elicitation Support Tool
Paul Stynes1, Owen Conlan2 and Declan O'Sullivan2, 1National College of Ireland, Ireland and 2Trinity College Dublin,

Using Categorical Features in Mining Bug Tracking Systems to Assign Bug Reports
Mamdouh Alenezi1, Shadi Banitaan2 and Mohammad Zarour1, 1Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia and
2University of Detroit Mercy, USA

Towards Customized Smart Government Quality Model
Fahad Salmeen Al-Obthani and Ali Abdulbaqi Ameen, Lincoln University College, Malaysia

Minimizing the Complexity Effects to MAS Architectures Design Based on FG4 Complexity Approach
Howayda Abdallah Ali Elmarzaki and Tawfig M. Abdelaziz, Benghazi University, Libya

A New Mathematical Risk Management Model for Agile Software Development Methodologies
Osaki Miller Thom-Manuel, Chidiebere Ugwu and Laeticia Nneka Onyejegbu, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

January 2018, Volume 9, Number 1

Changes in Labview Programs Posted to an Online Forum as Users Gain Experience
Christopher Scaffidi, Oregon State University, US

From PLM to ERP : A Software Systems Engineering Integration
Nafisa Osman1 and Abd-El-Kader Sahraoui2, 1Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan and 2Universite de
Toulouse, France

A Captcha - Based Intrusion Detection Model
Boukari Souley and Hauwa Abubakar, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Nigeria

PYFML - A Textual Language for Feature Modeling
A.F. Al Azzawi, Philadelphia University, Jordan

A Software Requirement Engineering Technique Using OOADA-RE and CSC for IoT Based Healthcare Applications
Aviral Srivastava, Fenil Patel and M Sivagami, Vellore Institute of Technology, India

Performance Analysis of Text and Image Steganography with RSA Algorithm in Cloud Computing
Ismail Abdulkarim Adamu and Boukari Souley, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Nigeria

Statistical Analysis of Metrics for Software Quality Improvement
Karuna P, Divya MG and Mangala N, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India