Most Cited Articles

Most Cited Articles – 2017

An Effective Arabic Text Classification Approach Based on Kernel Naive Bayes Classifier
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New Feature Selection Model Based Ensemble Rule Classifiers Method for Dataset Classification
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An Entity-Driven Recursive Neural Network Model for Chinese Discourse Coherence Modeling
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Most Cited Articles – 2016

Predicting Student Academic Performance in Blended Learning Using Artificial Neural Networks
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Using Sentiment Analysis for Stock Exchange Prediction
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A Modified Vortex Search Algorithm for Numerical Function Optimization
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Cross Dataset Evaluation of Feature Extraction Techniques for Leaf Classification
Christian Reul, Martin Toepfer and Frank Puppe , IJAIA Journal, Vol.7, No.2, March 2016, PP. 1-20
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Most Cited Articles – 2015

Evaluation of Graph Databases Performance through Indexing Techniques
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Memetic Algorithm for the Nurse Scheduling Problem
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Emotion Analysis of Songs Based on Lyrical and Audio Features
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Applications of Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Combating Cyber Crimes: A Review
Selma Dilek, Hüseyin Çakır and Mustafa Aydın, IJAIA Journal, Vol.6, No.5, January 2015 , PP. 21-39
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Solving Capacity Problems as Asymmetric Travelling Salesman Problems
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An Ontology for Semantic Modelling of Virtual World
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Most Cited Articles – 2014

A Review on Distributed Control of Cooperating Mini UAVS
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Intelligent User Interface in Fuzzy Environment
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Discovering Latent Informaion By Spreading Activation Algorithm for Document Retrieval
Vuong M. Ngo ,IJAIA Journal, Vol. 5, No. 1, January 2014 , PP. 23-34
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Voice-Controlled Artificial Handspeak System
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Fuzzy Inference System for Integrated Vvc In Isolated Power Systems
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Most Cited Articles – 2013

Static Malware Detection System Using Data Mining Methods
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Particle Swarm Optimization Based Adaptive Strategy for Tuning of Fuzzy Logic Controller
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Data Mining and Neural Network Techniques in Stock Market Prediction : A Methodological Review
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Comparative Rule-Based Sentiment Analysis of Ukrainian Reviews
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An Integrated Genetic-Based Model of Naive Bayes Networks for Credit Scoring
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History Based Coalition Formation in Hedonic Context Using Trust
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Extension of Hidden Markov Model for Recognizing Large Vocabulary of Sign Language
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Most Cited Articles – 2012

Text Classification and Classifiers:A Survey
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Optimizing Face Recognition Using PCA
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Hiding Sensitive Association Rules Without Altering the Support of Sensitive Item(S)
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How to Minimize the Energy Consumption in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
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Extended Mixture of MLP Experts by Hybrid of Conjugate Gradient Method and Modified Cuckoo Search
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Different Machine Learning Algorithms for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
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Model and Algorithm in Artificial Immune System for Spam Detection
Ismaila Idris, IJAIA Journal, Vol.3, No.1, January 2012 , PP. 83-94
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Most Cited Articles - 2011

A Framework for Intelligent Medical Diagnosis Using Rough Set with Formal Concept Analysis
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An Intelligent Tutoring System for Learning Java Objects
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A Microcontroller Based Four Fingered Robotic Hand
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Accurate Real-Time Disparity Map Computation Based on Variable Support Window
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Design of An Efficient Neural Key Generation
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Most Cited Articles - 2010

Genetic K-Means Clustering Algorithm for Mixed Numeric and Categorical Data Sets
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Comparison of Support Vector Machine and Back Propagation Neural Network in Evaluating the Enterprise Financial Distress
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Going Green: A Holistic Approach To Transform Business
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