Volume 6

December 2015, Volume 6, Number 6

A Hybrid Architecture for Tracking People in Real-Time Using a Video Surveillance Camera : Application for
Behavioural Marketing

Kheireddine AZIZ1, Djamal MERAD2, Jean-Luc DAMOISEAUX2 and Pierre DRAP2, 1Toulon University,
France and 2Aix-Marseille University, France

A Comparative Study of DOA Estimation Algorithms with Application to Tracking Using Kalman Filter
Venu Madhava M1, Jagadeesha S N1, and Yerriswamy T2, 1JNN College of Engineering, India and 2KLE Institute
of Technology, India

October 2015, Volume 6, Number 5

Analytical Hierarchical Process Based System for Image Fusion
Ashok Kumar1, Amruta Shelar1, Jim Etheredge1, Sandhya Prakash2, Sudhansh Sharma2 and MP Mishra2, 1University of
Louisiana at Lafayette, USA and 2Indira Gandhi National Open University, India

Color Image Segmentation Using an Efficient Fuzzy Based Watershed Approach
Dibya Jyoti Bora, Anil Kumar Gupta and Fayaz Ahmad Khan, Barkatullah University, India

Implementation and Comparative Quantitative Assessment of Different Multispectral Image Pansharpening Approaches
Shailesh Panchal1 and Rajesh Thakker2, 1CHARUSAT, India and 2VGEC Chandkheda, India

Color Image Segmentation Using Soft Rough Fuzzy-C Means Clustering and SMO Support Vector Machine
R. V. V. Krishna1 and S. Srinivas Kumar2, 1Sri Sai Aditya Institute of Science & Technology, India and 2JNT University,

A Review of Computer Vision System for the Vehicle Identification and Classification from Online and Offline Videos
Baljit Singh Mokha and Satish Kumar, Panjab university, India

August 2015, Volume 6, Number 4

OCR Accuracy Improvement on Document Images Through a Novel Pre-Processing Approach
A. El Harraj and N. Raissouni, Univeristy of Abdelmalek Essaadi, Morocco

Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Segmentation Using Minimum Crossentropy with Gamma Distribution
Ali El-Zaart, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

Phonetic Distance Based Accent Classifier to Identify Pronunciation Variants and OOV Words
Akella Amarendra Babu1, Ramadevi Yellasiri2 and Akepogu Ananda Rao1, 1,2JNT University, India, 2Osmania University,

An Improved ANC System with Application to Speech Communication in Noisy Environment
Narayanan N. K1 and Sivadasan Kottayi2, 1Kannur University, India and 2Yanbu Industrial College, Saudi Arabia

Recognition of Historical Records Using Gabor and Zonal Features
Soumya A1 and G Hemantha Kumar2, 1R V College of Engineering, India and 2University of Mysore, India

Energy Minimization-Based Spatially Constrained Mixture Model and its Application to Image Segmentation
Zhiyong Xiao, Yunhao Yuan, Jianjun Liu and Jinlong Yang, Jiangnan University, China

June 2015, Volume 6, Number 3

Design Realization and Performance Evaluation of an Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) in Hands-Free Communications
Using Recursive Adaptive Algorithm

Azeddine Wahbi1, Ahmed Roukhe2 and Laamari Hlou1, 1University Ibn Tofail, Morocco and 2University Moulay Ismail,

Target Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Received Signal Strength
Santhosh N Bharadwaj, Jagadeesha S N and Ravindra S, Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering, India

Significance of Dimensionality Reduction in Image Processing
Shereena V. B and Julie M. David, MES College, India

Alexander Fractional Integral Filtering of Wavelet Coefficients for Image Denoising
Atul Kumar Verma and Barjinder Singh Saini, Dr. B.R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, India

Fuzzy Clustering Based Glaucoma Detection Using the CDR
Thresiamma Devasia1, Poulose Jacob2 and Tessamma Thomas2, 1Assumption College Changanacherry, India,
2Cochin University of Science and Technology, India

A Study of Speckle Noise Reduction Filters
Jyoti Jaybhay and Rajveer Shastri, Pune University, India

A Robust Chaotic and Fast Walsh Transform Encryption for Gray Scale Biomedical Image Transmission
Adelaide Nicole Kengnou Telem1, Daniel Tchiotsop1, Thomas Kanaa2, Hilaire B. Fotsin1, Didier Wolf3, 1University of
Dschang, Cameroon, 2Université de Douala, Cameroon, 3Université de Lorraine, France

Sensorless Vector Control of BLDC Using Extended Kalman Filter
Y. Lavanya1, N. P. G. Bhavani1, Neena Ramesh1, K. Sujatha2, 1Meenakshi College of Engineering, India and 2Dr. M. G. R. Educational and Research Institute, India

April 2015, Volume 6, Number 2

Comparison of Modern Description Methods for the Recognition of 32 Plant Species
Masoud Fathi Kazerouni, Jens Schlemper and Klaus-Dieter Kuhnert, University of Siegen, Germany

Design and Implementation of Digital Filter Bank to Reduce Noise and Reconstruct the Input Signals
Kawser Ahammed, Md. Ershadullah, Md. Rakebul Islam Heru and Saiful Islam, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Effective Processing and Analysis of Radiotherapy Images
Aayesha Hakim1, K. T. V Talele1 and Rajesh Harsh2, Dharmesh Verma2, 1S. P. I. T, India and 2Society for Applied
Microwave Electronic Engineering and Research, India

EEG Signal Quantification Based on Modul Levels
Beghdadi Hadj Ali and Senouci Mohamed, Oran 1 University Ahmed Ben Bella, Algeria

Signal and Image Processing of Optical Coherence Tomography at 1310 nm Wavelength for Non Biological Samples
Yogesh Rao1, Hareesh Panakkal2, Nisha Sarwade1and Roshan Makkar3, 1VJTI, India, 2Model Engineering College, India
and 3SAMEER, India

A Review Paper : Noise Models in Digital Image Processing
Ajay Kumar Boyat and Brijendra Kumar Joshi, Military College of Tele Communication Engineering, India

February 2015, Volume 6, Number 1

A Modified Distance Regularized Level Set Model for Liver Segmentation from CT Images
Nuseiba M. Altarawneh1, Suhuai Luo1, Brian Regan1, Changming Sun2, 1The University of Newcastle, Australia and
2CSIRO Digital Productivity Flagship, Australia

A Divisive Hierarchical Clustering Based Method for Indexing Image Information
Najva Izadpanah, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Image Processing Based Girth Monitoring and Recording System for Rubber Plantations
Chathura Thilakarathne, Padmika Bhanusri, Tharindu Randeny, Harsha Rupasinghe and Chulantha Kulasekere,
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Time of Arrival Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks : A Non-Linear Approach
Ravindra. S and Jagadeesha S N, Visvesvaraya Technological University, India

Automatic Meal Inspection System Using LBP-HF Feature for Central Kitchen
Yue-Min Jiang1, Ho-Hsin Lee1, Cheng-Chang Lien2, Chun-Feng Tai2, Pi-Chun Chu2 and Ting-Wei Yang2, 1SSTC, Taiwan
and 2Chung Hua University, Taiwan

Hybrid LWT-SVD Watermarking Optimized Using Metaheuristic Algorithms along with Encryption for Medical Image

Venugopal Reddy. C H1 and Siddaiah. P2, 1Priyadarshini College of Engineering and Technology, India and 2Acharya
Nagarjuna University, India