Volume 5

December 2014, Volume 5, Number 6

SkinCure: An Innovative Smart Phone Based Application to Assist in Melanoma Early Detection and Prevention
Omar Abuzaghleh, Miad Faezipour and Buket D. Barkana, University of Bridgeport, USA

Stem - Calyx Recognition of an Apple Using Shape Descriptors
Mohana S. H and Prabhakar C. J, Kuvempu University, India

Image Compression Using Embedded ZeroTree Wavelet
A. M. Raid1, W. M. Khedr2, M. A. El-dosuky1 and Wesam Ahmed1, 1Mansoura University, Egypt and 2Zagazig University,

Advances in Automatic Tuberculosis Detection in Chest X-Ray Images
Wai Yan Nyein Naing and Zaw Z. Htike, IIUM, Malaysia

Analog Signal Processing Approach for Coarse and Fine Depth Estimation
Nihar Athreyas1, Zhiguo Lai 2, Jai Gupta2 and Dev Gupta2, 1University of Massachusetts, USA and 2Newlans Inc., USA

Fusion of Fingerprint and Age Biometric for Gender Classification Using Frequency and Texture Analysis
S. S. Gornale1 and Kruthi R2, 1Rani Channamma University, India and 2Jain University, India

October 2014, Volume 5, Number 5

A Novel Uncertainty Parameter SR ( Signal to Residual Spectrum Ratio ) Evaluation Approach for Speech Enhancement
M. Ravichandra Kumar and B. Ravi Teja, Gudlavalleru Engineering College, India

Parallax Effect Free Mosaicing of Underwater Video Sequence Based on Texture Features
Nagaraja S., Prabhakar C. J. and Praveen Kumar P. U, Kuvempu University, India

Speaker Identification From Youtube Obtained Data
Nitesh Kumar Chaudhary1 and Shraddha Srivastav2, 1LNMIIT, India and 2IIT, India

Improve Captcha's Security Using Gaussian Blur Filter
Ariyan Zarei, Islamic Azad University, Iran

August 2014, Volume 5, Number 4

Image Denoising Using New Adaptive Based Median Filter
Suman Shrestha, The University of Akron, USA

Symbolic Representation and Recognition of GAIT : An Approach Based on LBP of Split GAIT Energy Images
Mohan Kumar H P1 and Nagendraswamy H S2, 1PES College of Engineering, India and 2Manasagangothri, India

Detection of Fabrication in Photocopy Document Using Texture Features Through K-Means Clustering
Suman V Patgar1, Sharath Kumar Y. H2 and Vasudev T2, 1P.E.S College of Engineering, India and 2Maharaja Institute of Technology, India

A Voting Based Approach to Detect Recursive Order Number of Photocopy Documents Using Probability Distributions
Suman V Patgar1, Rani K2 and Vasudev T2, 1P.E.S College of Engineering, India and 2Maharaja Institute of Technology,

Intelligent Indoor Mobile Robot Navigation Using Stereo Vision
Arjun B Krishnan and Jayaram Kollipara, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India

Feature Selection Approach in Animal Classification
Y H Sharath Kumar and C D Divya, Maharaja Institute of Technology, India

Modified Approach to Transform Arc From Text to Linear Form Text : A Preprocessing Stage for OCR
Vijayashree C S1, Shruthi C V2 and Vasudev T2, 1P.E.S College of Engineering, India and 2Maharaja Institution of
Technology, India

A New Hybrid Method for the Segmentation of the Brain MRIS
Mohamed Zaki Abderrezak, Mouatez billah Chibane and Karim Mansour, University Constantine 1, Algeria

A Combined Method of Fractal and GLCM Features for MRI and CT Scan Images Classification
Redouan Korchiynel, 2, Sidi Mohamed Farssi2, Abderrahmane Sbihi3, Rajaa Touahni1 and Mustapha Tahiri Alaoui3,
1Ibn Tofail University, Morocco,2Cheikh Anta Diop University-Polytechnic High School and 3Abdelmalek Essaadi
University-ENSA, Morocco

June 2014, Volume 5, Number 3

Global Threshold and Region-Based Active Contour Model for Accurate Image Segmentation
Nuseiba M. Altarawneh1, Suhuai Luo1, Brian Regan1, Changming Sun2 and Fucang Jia3, 1The University of Newcastle,
Australia, 2CSIRO Computational Informatics, Australia and 3Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, China

Offline Handwritten Signature Identification Using Adaptive Window Positioning Techniques
Ghazali Sulong, Anwar Yahy Ebrahim and Muhammad Jehanzeb, Universiti Tecknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia

Conditional Entrench Spatial Domain Steganography
N Sathisha1, Madhusudan G N2, K Suresh Babu3, K B Raja3 and K R Venugopal3, 1Govt. S K S J Technological Institute,
India, 2Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd., India and 3University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, India

Squeezing of Color Image Using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Based Preliminary Plan
Nitin Sharma, Anupam Agarwal and Pawan Kumar Khyalia, Jagannath University, India

An Intensity-Based Medical Image Registration Using Genetic Algorithm
Shanmugapriya. S, S. Poonguzhali and Umamaheshwari, Anna University, India

Beamforming with Per-Antenna Power Constraint and Transmit Antenna Selection Using Convex Optimization

Suban and Ann Caroline Jenifer, Velammal College of Engineering and Technology, India

April 2014, Volume 5, Number 2

Image Retrieval and Re-Ranking Techniques - A Survey
Mayuri D. Joshi, Revati M. Deshmukh, Kalashree N. Hemke, Ashwini Bhake and Rakhi Wajgi, Yeshwantrao Chavan
College of Engineering, India

Wound Image Analysis Classifier for Efficient Tracking of Wound Healing Status
K. Sundeep Kumar1 and B. Eswara Reddy2, 1SEA CET, India and 2JNTUA College of Engineering, India

A Binarization Technique for Extraction of Devanagari Text from Camera Based Images
Rajesh K. Bawa1 and Ganesh K. Sethi2, 1Punjabi University, India and 2M. M. Modi College, India

Performance Analysis of High Resolution Images Using Interpolation Techniques in Multimedia Communication System
Apurva Sinha, Mukesh kumar, A. K. Jaiswal and Rohini Saxena, SHIATS, India

Contrast Enhancement Using Various Statistical Operations and Neighborhood Processing
Nungsanginla Longkumer, Mukesh Kumar, A. K. Jaiswal and Rohini Saxena, SHIATS, India

Fast NAS-RIF Algorithm Using Iterative Conjugate Gradient Method
A. M. Raid1, W. M. Khedr2, M. A. El-dosuky1 and Mona Aoud1, 1Mansoura University, Egypt and 2Zagazig University,

Performance Analysis of Image Compression Using Fuzzy Logic Algorithm
Rohit Kumar Gangwar, Mukesh Kumar, A. K. Jaiswal and Rohini Saxena, SHIATS, India

Efficient PU Mode Decision and Motion Estimation for H.264/AVC to HEVC Transcoder
Zong-Yi Chen1, Jiunn-Tsair Fang2, Tsai-Ling Liao1 and Pao-Chi Chang1, 1National Central University, Taiwan and
2Ming Chuan University, Taiwan

Application of Parallel Algorithm Approach for Performance Optimization of Oil Paint Image Filter Algorithm
Siddhartha Mukherjee, Samsung R&D Institute, India

An Ensemble Classification Algorithm for Hyperspectral Images
K. Kavitha, S. Arivazhagan and G. Manochitra, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India

Design and Implementation of Video Tracking System Based on Camera Field of View
Hassan E. El-Taher1, Kasim M. Al-hity2 and Mubarak M. Ahmed2, 1Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan
and 2Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan

February 2014, Volume 5, Number 1

Vehicle Detection and Tracking Techniques : A Concise Review
Raad Ahmed Hadi1,2, Ghazali Sulong1 and Loay Edwar George3, 1University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia,
2Iraqi University, Iraq and 3Baghdad University, Iraq

Robust Content Based Watermarking Algorithm Using Singular Value Decomposition of Radial Symmetry Maps
Lakehal Elkhamssa1 and Benmohammed Mohamed2, 1Batna University, Algeria and 2Constantine University, Algeria

MFCC Based Enlargement of the Training Set for Emotion Recognition in Speech
Inma Mohino-Herranz1, Roberto Gil-Pita1, Sagrario Alonso-Diaz2 and Manuel Rosa-Zurera1, 1University of Alcala, Spain
and 2Ministry of Defense, Spain

A Novel Approach to Generate Face Biometric Template Using Binary Discriminating Analysis
Shraddha S. Shinde and Anagha P. Khedkar, MCERC, India

A Study of a Modified Histogram Based Fast Enhancement Algorithm (MHBFE)
Amany A. Kandeel1, Alaa M. Abbas1,2, Mohiy M. Hadhoud1and Zeiad El-Saghir1, 1Univ. of Menoufia, Egypt and
2Taif University, Saudi Arabia