Volume 12

December 2021, Volume 12, Number 6

Sensing Method for Two-Target Detection in Time-Constrained Vector Poisson Channel
Muhammad Fahad and Daniel R. Fuhrmann, Michigan Technological University, USA

Classification of OCT Images for Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy Disease using Machine Learning
Marwan Aldahami and Umar Alqasemi, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms for EEG Signal Classification
Anam Hashmi, Bilal Alam Khan and Omar Farooq, Aligarh Muslim University, India

October 2021, Volume 12, Number 5

Combining of Narrative News and VR Games: Comparison of Various Forms of News Games
Xiaohan Feng, and Makoto Murakami, Toyo University, Japan

Mixed Spectra for Stable Signals from Discrete Observations
Rachid Sabre, University of Burgundy, France

Fractional Order Butterworth Filter for Fetal Electrocardiographic Signal Feature Extraction
Hadi Mohsen Alkanfery and Ibrahim Mustafa Mehedi, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

August 2021, Volume 12, Number 4

Modelling, Conception and Simulation of a Digital Watermarking System based on Hyperbolic Geometry
Coulibaly Cheick Yacouba Rachid and Tiendrebeogo B. Telesphore, Nazi Boni University, Burkina Faso

June 2021, Volume 12, Number 3

Practical Approaches to Target Detection in Long Range and Low Quality Infrared Videos
Chiman Kwan and David Gribben, Applied Research, LLC, Rockville, Maryland, USA

Computer Aided Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea from EEG Signals
Saheed Ademola Bello and Umar Alqasemi, King AbdulAziz University, Saudi Arabia

Using Distance Measure based Classification in Automatic Extraction of Lungs Cancer Nodules
for Computer Aided Diagnosis

Maan Ammar1, Muhammad Shamdeen2, MazenKasedeh2, Kinan Mansour3 and Waad Ammar3,
1AL Andalus University for Medical Sciences, Syria, 2Damascus University, Syria, 3Al Andalus University Hospital, Syria

April 2021, Volume 12, Number 2

Classification and Comparison of License Plates Localization Algorithms
Mustapha Saidallah, Fatimazahra Taki, Abdelbaki El Belrhiti El Alaoui and Abdeslam El Fergougui, Moulay
Ismail University, Morocco

General Purpose Image Tampering Detection using Convolutional Neural Network and
Local Optimal Oriented Pattern (LOOP)

Ali Ahmad Aminu1, 2 and Nwojo Nnanna Agwu1, 1Nile University of Nigeria, Nigeria, 2Gombe State University, Nigeria

Target Detection and Classification Performance Enhancement using Super-Resolution Infrared Videos
Chiman Kwan, David Gribben and Bence Budavari, Applied Research, LLC, USA

February 2021, Volume 12, Number 1

Application of Convolutional Neural Network In LAWN Measurement
J. Wilkins1, M. V. Nguyen1, B. Rahmani1, 2, 1Fontbonne University, USA, 2Maryville University, USA

Research on Noise Reduction and Enhancement Algorithm of Girth Weld Image
Xiang-Song Zhang1, Wei-Xin Gao1 and Shi-Ling Zhu2, 1Xi'an Shiyou University, China, 2Xi’an University of Post and Telecommunications, China

Target Detection and Classification Improvements using Contrast Enhanced 16-bit Infrared Videos
Chiman Kwan and David Gribben, Applied Research, LLC, USA

Role of Hybrid Level Set in Fetal Contour Extraction
Rachana Jaiswal and Srikant Satarkar, Amravati University, India