Current Issue

October 2022, Volume 13, Number 4

Accessibility Evaluation on Ethiopian and South African Airlines Website and Mobile Applications
Bisrat Betru1 and Uchenna Kelechi Ogbonna2, 1Kesed IT Solutions, Ethiopia,
2Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway

July 2022, Volume 13, Number 3

Covid-19 Vaccination Classification of Opinion Mining with Semantic Knowledge-based Decision Making
Nikhila Polkampally, D. Rakesh Kumar, G. Soma Sekhar and Mettu Karuna Sri Reddy, Geethanjali
College of Engineering and Technology, India

April 2022, Volume 13, Number 2

A Statistical Model for Morphology Inspired by the Amis Language
Isabelle Bril1, Achraf Lassoued2 and Michel de Rougemont3, 1Lacito-CNRS, 2University Paris II,
3University of Paris II and IRIF-CNRS

January 2022, Volume 13, Number 1

An Intersemiotic Translation of Normative Utterances to Machine Language
Andrea Addis1 and Olimpia Giuliana Loddo2, 1Infora, viale Elmas, Cagliari, Italy, 2University of Cagliari, Italy