Volume 6

December 2014, Volume 6, Number 6

Disparity Map Generation Based on Trapezoidal Camera Architecture for Multi-View Video
Abdulkadir Iyyaka Audu and Abdul Hamid Sadka, Brunel University, United Kingdom

Leader Follower Formation Control of Ground Vehicles Using Camshift Based Guidance
S.M.Vaitheeswaran, Bharath.M.K, and Gokul.M, CSIR-National Aerospace laboratories, India

Review of Black Hole and Grey Hole Attack
Rupinder Kaur and Parminder Singh, CEC, India

Error Resilient for Multiview Video Transmissions with GOP Analysis
A.B Ibrahim and A.H Sadka, Brunel University, United Kingdom

October 2014, Volume 6, Number 5

Leader Follower Formation Control of Ground Vehicles Using Dynamic Pixel Count and Inverse Perspective Mapping
S.M.Vaitheeswaran, Bharath.M.K, Ashish Prasad and Gokul.M, CSIR-National Aerospace laboratories, India

An Improved Tracking Using IMU and Vision Fusion for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications
Kriti Kumar, Ashley Varghese, Pavan K Reddy, Narendra N, Prashanth Swamy, M Girish Chandra and Balamuralidhar P,
TCS Innovation Labs, India

Content Based Image Retrieval : Classification Using Neural Networks
Shereena V.B. and Julie M. David, MES College, India

Mining in Ontology with Multi Agent System in Semantic Web : A Novel Approach
Vishal Jain and S. V. A. V. Prasad, Lingaya�s University, India

August 2014, Volume 6, Number 4

The KUSC Classical Music Dataset for Audio Key Finding
Ching-Hua Chuan1 and Elaine Chew2, 1University of North Florida, USA and 2University of London, UK

Adaptive Trilateral Filter for HEVC Standard
Akitha Kesireddy and Mohamed El-Sharkawy, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, USA

An Optimized Framework for Detection and Tracking of Video Objects in Challenging Backgrounds
Sukanyathara J and Alphonsa Kuriakose, MG University, India

Mimo Radar Detection in Compound Gaussian Clutter Using Orthogonal Discrete Frequency Coding Space Time Waveform
B. Roja Reddy and M. Uttarakumari, R.V. College of Engineering, India

June 2014, Volume 6, Number 3

Educational Software Evaluation : A Study from an Educational Data Mining Perspective
Dimitrios P. Lyras, Theodor C. Panagiotakopoulos, Ilias K. Kotinas, Chris T.Panagiotakopoulos, Kyriakos N. Sgarbas and
Dimitrios K. Lymberopoulos, University of Patras, Greece

The Influence of Eyes and Brain Behind "ArTerma Tool" in First Person Point of View Interface of Games
Irma Shayana Samaden1, Azizah Jaafar2 and Irza Shayani Samaden3, 1Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Malaysia, 2Universiti
Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia and 3National Medical University O.O Bogomolets Kyiv, Ukraine

Performance Analysis of Image Denoising with Wavelet Thresholding Methods for Different Levels of Decomposition
Anutam and Rajni, SBSSTC, India

April 2014, Volume 6, Number 2

Comparative Study of Compression Techniques for Synthetic Videos
Ayman Abdalla, Ahmad Mazhar, Mosa Salah and Sahar Khalaf, Al-Zaytoonah University, Jordan

Probabilistic Model Based Image Segmentation
Mrudula Karande1 and D. B. Kshirsagar2, 1K. K. Wagh Polytechnic, India and 2S.R. E.S. COE, India

Boosting CED Using Robust Orientation Estimation
Tariq M. Khan2, Mohammad A. U. Khan1 and Yinan Kong1, 1Macquarie University, Australia and 2Effat University,
Saudi Arabia

Visual Character N-Grams for Classification and Retrieval of Radiological Images
Pradnya Kulkarni1, Andrew Stranieri1, Siddhivinayak Kulkarni1, Julien Ugon1 and Manish Mittal2, 1Federation University,
Australia and 2Lakeimaging, Australia

Image Deblurring Based on Spectral Measures of Whiteness
Swathi and Bhoopathy Bagan, Anna University, India

MR Image Compression Based on Selection of Mother Wavelet and Lifting Based Wavelet
Sheikh Md. Rabiul Islam and Xu Huang and Kim Le, University of Canberra, Australia

A Robust Audio Watermarking in Cepstrum Domain Composed of Sample's Relation Dependent Embedding and
Computationally Simple Extraction Phase

Alok Kumar Chowdhury1, Md. Ibrahim Khan2 and Kaushik Deb2, 1Premier University, Bangladesh and 2Chittagong
University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh

February 2014, Volume 6, Number 1

Review of Face Detection Systems Based Artificial Neural Networks Algorithms
Omaima N. A. AL-Allaf, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Jordan

Design of a Virtual Laboratory for Analyzing Nanoscale Magnetic Materials
Wernhuar Tarng1, Ya-Hsuein Cheng1, Chih-Ming Lin2, Chi-Young Lee3 and Hsin-Hun Liou4, 1,2National Hsinchu University of
Education, Taiwan, 3National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, 4National Central University, Taiwan

Experimental Evaluation of Scalability and Reliability of a Feedback-Based UPC-Parameters Renegotiation Mechanism
Safiullah Faizullah1 and Arshad M. Shaikh2, 1Rutgers University, USA and 2Isra University, Pakistan

Uniform and Non-Uniform Single Image Deblurring Based on Sparse Representation and Adaptive Dictionary Learning
Ashwini M. Deshpande1 and Suprava Patnaik2, 1TSSM�s Bhivarabai Sawant College of Engineering and Research, India
and 2S. V. National Institute of Technology, India

Indoor 3D Video Monitoring Using Multiple Kinect Depth-Cameras
M. Mart�nez-Zarzuela, M. Pedraza-Hueso, F.J. D�az-Pernas, D. Gonz�lez-Ortega and M. Ant�n-Rodr�guez, University of
Valladolid, Spain

Satellite Image Compression Algorithm Based on the FFT
Khaled Sahnoun and Noureddine Benabadji, University of Sciences and Technology of Oran- Algeria

Consideration of Reputation Prediction of Ladygaga Using the Mathematical Model of Hit Phenomena
KawahataYasuko1,Genda Etsuo1 , and Ishii Akira2, 1University Hakozaki, Japan and Tottori 2University, Japan