Current Issue

March 2024, Volume 15, Number 2

The Transformation Risk-Benefit Model of Artificial Intelligence: Balancing Risks and Benefits Through Practical
Solutions and Use Cases
Richard Fulton1, Diane Fulton2, Nate Hayes3 and Susan Kaplan3, 1Troy University, USA, 2Clayton State University,
USA, 3Modal Technology, USA

Employee Attrition Prediction using Machine Learning Models: A Review Paper  
Haya Alqahtani, Hana Almagrabi and Amal Alharbi, King Abdulaziz University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Research on Fuzzy C- Clustering Recursive Genetic Algorithm based on Cloud Computing Bayes Function  
Wang Xu1 and Huang Wei Qiang2, 1Neusoft Institute, China, 2South China Normal University, China

Information Extraction from Product Labels: A Machine Vision Approach  
Hansi Seitaj and Vinayak Elangovan, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Immunizing Image Classifiers Against Localized Adversary Attacks  
Henok Ghebrechristos and Gita Alaghband, University of Colorado-Denver, Colorado

January 2024, Volume 15, Number 1

A Comprehensive Systematic Review for Cardiovascular Disease using Machine Learning Techniques  
Islam D. S. Aabdalla and D.Vasumathi, JNTUH University, India

Imbalanced Dataset Effect on CNN-Based Classifier Performance for Face Recognition  
Miftah Asharaf Najeeb and Alhaam Alariyibi, University of Benghazi, Libya

Ensemble Learning Approach for Digital Communication Modulation’s Classification  
Yahya Benremdane, Said Jamal, Oumaima Taheri, Jawad Lakziz and Said Ouaskit, University Hassan II, Morocco

Review of AI Maturity Models in Automotive SME Manufacturing  
Dharmender Salian, University of the Cumberlands, USA

Foundations of ANNs: Tolstoy’s Genius Explored using Transformer Architecture  
Shahriyar Guliyev, Nakhchivan State University, Azerbaijan

Passive Sonar Detection and Classification Based on Demon-Lofar Analysis and Neural Network Algorithms  
Said Jamal, Jawad Lakziz, Yahya Benremdane and Said Ouaskit, University Hassan II, Morocco

Wavelet Scattering Transform for ECG Cardiovascular Disease Classification  
Islam D.S. Aabdalla and D.Vasumathi, JNTUH University, India

A Machine Learning Ensemble Model for the Detection of Cyberbullying  
Abulkarim Faraj Alqahtani1,2 and Mohammad Ilyas1, 1Florida Atlantic University, USA, 2King Khalid Military
Academy, Saudi Arabia

An Improved mT5 Model for Chinese Text Summary Generation  
Fuping Ren2, Jian Chen1, and Defu Zhang1, 1Xiamen University, China, 2Shenzhen Comtech Technology
Co. Ltd, China