Current Issue

November 2020, Volume 11, Number 5/6

Problem Decomposition and Information Minimization for the Global, Concurrent, On-line Validation of Neutron
Noise Signals and Neutron Detector Operation
Tatiana Tambouratzis, University of Piraeus, Greece

Intelligent Portfolio Management via NLP Analysis of Financial 10-k Statements  
Purva Singh, VIT University, India

Object Sorting using Faster R-CNN  
Pengchang Chen and Vinayak Elangovan, Division of Science and Engineering, Penn State Abington, USA

Using Contextual Graphs as a Decision-making Tool in the Process of Hiring Candidates  
Hassane Tahir1 and Patrick Brézillon2, 1Links Consultants, Paris, France, 2LIP6 - Sorbonne University - CNRS, Paris, France

Automatic Transfer Rate Adjustment for Transfer Reinforcement Learning  
Hitoshi Kono1, Yuto Sakamoto1, Yonghoon Ji2 and Hiromitsu Fujii3, 1Tokyo Polytechnic University, Japan,
2Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, 3Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan

Answer Set Programming to Model Plan Agent Scenarios  
Fernando Zacarias Flores, Rosalba Cuapa Canto and José María Ángeles López, Autonomous University of Puebla, México

July 2020, Volume 11, Number 4

CPU Hardware Classification and Performance Prediction using Neural Networks and Statistical Learning  
Courtney Foots1, Palash Pal2, Rituparna Datta1 and Aviv Segev1, 1University of South Alabama, USA,
2Burdwan University, India

A Deep Learning Approach for Denoising Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Responds Data  
Mikel David Jedrusiak and Frank Weichert, Technical University of Dortmund, Germany

Detection of Dense, Overlapping, Geometric Objects  
Adele Peskin, Boris Wilthan and Michael Majurski, NIST, USA

Categorizing 2019-n-CoV Twitter Hashtag Data by Clustering  
Koffka Khan1 and Emilie Ramsahai2, 1The University of the West Indies, Trinidad, 2UWI School of Business
& Applied Studies Ltd (UWI-ROYTEC), Trinidad and Tobago

Log Message Anomaly Detection with Oversampling  
Amir Farzad and T. Aaron Gulliver, University of Victoria, Canada

Insight about Detection, Prediction and Weather Impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) using Neural Network  
A K M Bahalul Haque, Tahmid Hasan Pranto, Abdulla All Noman and Atik Mahmood, North South University, Bangladesh

Scaling the HTM Spatial Pooler  
Damir Dobric1, Andreas Pech2, Bogdan Ghita1 and Thomas Wennekers1, 1University of Plymouth, UK,
2Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Analysis of Roadway Fatal Accidents using Ensemble-based Meta-Classifiers  
Waheeda Almayyan, Collage of Business Studies, PAAET, Kuwait

May 2020, Volume 11, Number 3

Application of Target Detection Algorithm based on Deep Learning in Farmland Pest Recognition  
Shi Wenxiu and Li Nianqiang, University of Jinan, China

Graphical Model and Clustering-Regression based Methods for Causal Interactions: Breast Cancer Case Study  
Suhilah Alkhalifah and Adel Aloraini, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia

March 2020, Volume 11, Number 2

A Modified Maximum Relevance Minimum Redundancy Feature Selection Method Based on Tabu Search For
Parkinson’s Disease Mining
Waheeda Almayyan, PAAET, Kuwait

Data Mining Applied in Food Trade Network  
Alessandro Massaro, Giovanni Dipierro, Annamaria Saponaro and Angelo Galiano, Dyrecta Lab,
IT Research Laboratory, Italy

Automated Discovery of Logical Fallacies in Legal Argumentation  
Callistus Ireneous Nakpih1 and Simone Santini2, 1St. John Bosco’s College of Education, Ghana and
2Universidad Autonoma De Madrid, Spain

A BI-objective Model for SVM With an Interactive Procedure to Identify the Best Compromise Solution  
Mohammed Zakaria Moustafa1, Mohammed Rizk Mohammed1, Hatem Awad Khater2 and Hager Ali Yahia1,
1ALEXANDRIA University, Egypt, and 2Horus University, Egypt

January 2020, Volume 11, Number 1

Capsule Network Performance with Autonomous Navigation  
Thomas Molnar and Eugenio Culurciello, Purdue University, USA

An Ontological Analysis and Natural Language Processing of Figures of Speech  
Christiana Panayiotou, Technological University of Cyprus, Cyprus

A Hybrid Algorithm Based on Invasive Weed Optimization Algorithm and Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm  
Wisam Abdulelah Qasim and Ban Ahmed Mitras, College of Computer Science & Mathematics, Mosul, Iraq

Using Semi-supervised Classifier to Forecast Extreme CPU Utilization  
Nitin Khosla1 and Dharmendra Sharma2, 1ICTCAPM, Australia and 2University of Canberra, Australia

Hybrid ANT Colony Algorithm for the Multi-depot Periodic Open Capacitated Arc Routing Problem  
Bilal Kanso, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Novel Machine Learning Algorithms for Centrality and Cliques Detection in Youtube Social Networks  
Craigory Coppola and Heba Elgazzar, Morehead State University, USA

Construction of Amharic-arabic Parallel Text Corpus for Neural Machine Translation  
Ibrahim Gashaw and H L Shashirekha, Mangalore University, India

A New Generalization of Edge Overlap to Weighted Networks  
Ali Choumane, Lebanese University, Lebanon