Volume 5

November 2014, Volume 5, Number 6

Using Automated Lexical Resources In Arabic Sentence Subjectivity  
Hanaa Mobarz, Mohsen Rashown and Ibrahim Farag, Cairo University , Egypt

The Application Of Bayes Ying-Yang Harmony Based Gmms In On-Line Signature Verification  
Xiaosha Zhao and Mandan Liu, East China University of Science and Technology, China

Understanding the Applicability of Linear & Non-Linear Models Using a Case-Based Study  
Gaurav Singh Thakur, Anubhav Gupta, Ankur Bhardwaj and Biju R Mohan, National Institute of Technology Karnataka,

Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference System For Speech Recognition Through Subtractive Clustering  
Samiya Silarbi, Bendahmane Abderrahmane and Abdelkader Benyettou , University of Sciences and Technology Oran,

An Efficient Approach For Semantically-Enhanced Document Clustering By Using Wikipedia Link Structure  
Iyad AlAgha and Rami Nafee, Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine

September 2014, Volume 5, Number 5

Complementary Vision Based Data Fusion For Robust Positioning And Directed Flight Of An Autonomous Quadrocopter  
Nils Gageik, Eric Reinthal, Paul Benz and Sergio Montenegro , University of Würzburg, Germany

Recognition of CDNA Microarray Image using Feedforward Artificial Neural Network  
R. M. Farouk1, E. M. Badr2 and M. A. SayedElahl2, 1Zagazig University, Egypt and 2Banha University, Egypt

Forecasting the WIMAX Traffic via modified Artificial Neural Network Models  
Daw Abdulsalam Ali Daw, Kamaruzzaman Bin Seman and Madihah Bint Mohd Saudi , University Sains Islam Malaysia , Malaysia

An Optimization Algorithm Based on Bacteria Behavior  
Ricardo Contreras1, Rodrigo Neira1, M. Angelica Pinninghoff1, Homero Urrutia1 and Ricardo Contreras2, 1University of Concepcion, Chile and 2University of Aberdeen, UK

A New Top-k Conditional XML Preference Queries 
Shaikhah Alhazmi and Mourad Ykhlef, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

An Improved Multimodal PSO Method Based on Electrostatic Interaction using N-Nearest-Neighbor Local Search  
Taymaz Rahkar-Farshi1, Sara Behjat-Jamal1 and Mohammad-Reza Feizi-Derakhshi2, 1Gazi University, Turkey and
2University of Tabriz, Iran

Automatic Training Data Synthesis for Handwriting Recognition using the Structural Crossing-Over Technique  
Sirisak Visessenee1, Sanparith Marukatat2 and Rachada Kongkachandra1, 1Thammasat University, Thailand and
2National Electronics and Computer Technology Center,Thailand

Supervised Learning Methods for Bangla Web Document Categorization  
Ashis Kumar Mandal1 and Rikta Sen2, 1University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia and 2Rajshai University of Engineering
and Technology, Bangladesh

Face Recognition Algorithm based on Orientation Histogram of Hough Peaks  
Amrita Biswas and M.K.Ghose, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, India

July 2014, Volume 5, Number 4

A Review on Distributed Control of Cooperating Mini UAVS  
Qasim Ali, Nils Gageik and Sergio Montenegro, University of Wuerzburg, Germany

Optimised Random Mutations for Evolutionary Algorithms  
Sean McGerty and Frank Moisiadis, University of Notre Dame, Australia

A Study on Rough Set Theory Based Dynamic Reduct for Classification System Optimization  
Shampa Sengupta1 and Asit Kumar Das2, 1MCKV Institute of Engineering, India and 2Indian Institute of Engineering
Science and Technology, India

Out Performance of Cuckoo Search Algorithm Among Nature Inspired Algorithms in Planar Antenna Arraysn  
A.Sai Charan, N.K.Manasa and N.V.S.N. Sarma, National Institute of Technology Warangal, India

Comparison of Various Heuristic Search Techniques for Finding Shortest Path  
Girish P Potdar1 and R C Thool2, 1Pune Institute of Computer Technology, India and 2Shri Guru Gobind Singhji
Institute of Engineering and Technology, India

May 2014, Volume 5, Number 3

Facial Expression Recognition Based on WAPA and OEPA Fastica  
Humayra Binte Ali and David M W Powers, Flinders University, Australia

Solving Real-World Delivery Problem using Improved Max-Min Ant System with Local Optimal Solutions in Wide
Area Road Network
Junichi Ochiai and Hitoshi Kanoh , University of Tsukuba , Japan

An Exploratory Analysis on Half-Hourly Electricity Load Patterns Leading to Higher Performances in Neural Network
K.A.D. Deshani1, M.D.T. Attygalle1, A. Karunaratne1 and L.L. Hansen2, 1University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and
2University of Western Sydney , Australia

Planning Solutions in the Real World  
Fernando Zacarias1,Rosalba Cuapa1, Guillermo De Ita1, Daniel Torres1 and J.C. Acosta2, 1Autonomous University of
Puebla, México and 2Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, México

March 2014, Volume 5, Number 2

Avoiding Undesired Choices using Intelligent Adaptive Systems  
Amir Konigsberg, General Motors R&D, United States

Resolving the Semantics of Vietnamese Questions in VNewsQA/ICT System  
Son The Pham and Dang Tuan Nguyen, Vietnam National University, Vietnam

Verification of Confliction and Unreachability in Rule-Based Expert Systems with Model Checking  
Einollah pira, Mohammad Reza Zand Miralvand and Fakhteh Soltani, Arak University, Iran

January 2014, Volume 5, Number 1

Based on Ant Colony Algorithm to Solve the Mobile Robots Intelligent Path Planning for Avoid Obstacles  
GUO Yue, SHEN Xuelian and ZHU Zhanfeng, Ningbo University of Technology, China

Discovering Latent Informaion By Spreading Activation Algorithm for Document Retrieval  
Vuong M. Ngo, Ton Duc Thang University, Viet Nam

A Simulated Motion Planning Algorithm in 2d And 3d Environments Using Hill Climbing  
Haissam El-Aawar and Hussein Bakri, Long Island University, Lebanon

Using Content Features to Enhance the Performance of User-Basedcollaborative Filtering  
Niloofar Rastin and Mansoor ZolghadriJahromi, Shiraz University, Iran

Intelligent User Interface in Fuzzy Environment  
Ben Khayut, Lina Fabri and Maya Abukhana, Intelligence Decisions Technologies Systems, Israel

Handwritten Character Recognition in Malayalam Scripts – A Review  
Anitha Mary M.O. Chacko and Dhanya P.M., Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, India

Fuzzy Inference System for Integrated Vvc In Isolated Power Systems  
Vega-Fuentes E, Cerezo-Sánchez J M, León-del Rosario S, and Vega-Martínez A , University of Las Palmas de Gran
Canaria, Spain

Voice-Controlled Artificial Handspeak System  
Jonathan Gatti, Carlo Fonda, Livio Tenze and Enrique Canessa, The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical
Physics (ICTP), Italy

Multi-Objective Approach in Predicting Amino Acid Interaction Network Using Ant Colony Optimization  
Md. Shiplu Hawlader1 and Saifuddin Md. Tareeq2, 1University of Asia Pacific, Bangladesh and 2University of Dhaka,

Microstrip Coupler Design Using Bat Algorithm  
EzgiDeniz Ulker and Sadik Ulker, Girne American University, Turkey