Volume 4

November 2013, Volume 4, Number 6

An Effective Approach to Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition  
Jafaar Alabodi and Xue Li, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and University of Queensland, Australia

Fraud Detection in Electric Power Distribution Networks using an Ann-Based Knowledge-Discovery Process  
Breno C. Costa, Bruno. L. A. Alberto, Andre M. Portela, W. Maduro, and Esdras O. Eler, PDITec, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Facial Recognition using Modified Local Binary Pattern and Random Forest  
Brian O'Connor and Kaushik Roy, North Carolina A&T State University, USA

Feedback Method Based on Image Processing for Detecting Human Body via Flying Robot  
Bahram Lavi Sefidgari, Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus

September 2013, Volume 4, Number 5

Double Four-Bar Crank-Slider Mechanism Dynamic Balancing by Meta-Heuristic Algorithms  
Habib Emdadi, Mahsa Yazdanian, Mir Mohammad Ettefagh and Mohammad-Reza Feizi-Derakhshi, University of Tabriz,

Local Clusters formation for Indian Universities  
Srinatha Karur1 and M.V.RamanaMurthy2, 1Ibra College Of Technology, India and 2Osmania University , India

Cross-Lingual Similarity Discrimination with Translation Characteristics  
Ying Qin, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China

Detection of Slang Words in e-Data using semi-Supervised Learning  
Alok Ranjan Pal1 and Diganta Saha2, 1College of Engineering and Management, India and 2Jadavpur University, India

A Hybrid Optimization Algorithm based on Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Optimization  
Zainudin Zukhri and Irving Vitra Paputungan, Islamic University of Indonesia, Indonesia

An Unsupervised Approach to develop IR System : The case of Urdu  
Mohd. Shahid Husain, Integral University, India

Neural Perceptual Model to Global-Local Vision for the Recognition of the Logical Structure of Administrative
Boulbaba Ben Ammar, Sfax University, Tunisia

Studying a Chaotic Spiking Neural Model  
Mohammad Alhawarat, Waleed Nazih and Mohammad Eldesouki, Salman Bin Abdulaziz University, Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia

Suitability of Naïve Bayesian Methods for Paragraph Level Text Classification in the Kannada Language Using
Dimensionality Reduction Technique
Jayashree R1, Srikantamurthy K1 and Basavaraj S Anami2, 1PES Institute of Technology, India and
2KLE Institute of Technology, India

July 2013, Volume 4, Number 4

History Based Coalition Formation in Hedonic Context Using Trust  
Ahmadreza Ghaffarizadeh and Vicki H. Allan, Utah State University, USA

An Investigation of the Sampling-Based Alignment Method and its Contributions  
Juan Luo and Yves Lepage, Waseda University, Japan

Canonic Signed Digit Based Design of Multiplier-Less Fir Filter Using Self-Organizing Random Immigrants Genetic
Abhijit Chandra1 and Sudipta Chattopadhyay2, 1Bengal Engineering and Science University, India and 2Jadavpur
University, India

Consumption capability analysis for Micro-blog users based on data mining  
Yue Sun, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunication, China

Ontological Tree Generation for Enhanced Information Retrieval  
Anwaya Aras, Sakshi Paratap and Mangesh Bedekar, BITS-Pilani University, India

An Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm For Job Shop Scheduling Problem  
Edson Florez, Wilfredo Gomez and MSc. Lola Bautista, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia

A Hybrid Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller for Time-delay System  
N. K. Yadav and R. K. Singh, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (M.N.N.I.T.), India

Grouping Objects based on their Appearance  
Altamirano Robles, Zacarias Flores Fernando and De leon Gomez and Sanchez Lopez, Autonomous University of Puebla,

Hybrid Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation Combining Supervised and Unsupervised Learning  
Alok Ranjan Pal1,3, Anirban Kundu2,3, Abhay Singh1, Raj Shekhar1 and Kunal Sinha1, 1College of Engineering and
Management, India, 2Kuang-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology, P. R. China and 3Innovation Research Lab (IRL), India

Rule-Based Sentiment Analysis of Ukrainian Reviews  
Mariana Romanyshyn, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

Static Malware Detection System Using Data Mining Methods  
Usukhbayar Baldangombo1, Nyamjav Jambaljav1 and Shi-Jinn Horng2, 1National University of Mongolia, Mongolia and
2National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Survey and Analysis of University Clustering  
Srinatha Karur1 and M.V.Ramana Murthy2, 1Oracle DBA & Technical Support, Ibra College of Technology, Oman and
2Osmania University, India

Data Mining Un-Compressed Images from cloud with Clustering Compression technique using Lempel-Ziv-Welch  
C. Parthasarathy, K.Srinivasan and R.Saravanan, SCSVMV University, India

Auto-Mobile Vehicle Direction in Road Traffic using Artificial Neural Networks  
M.Rathinakumar, B.SankaraSubramanian, R.Vasanth Kumar Mehta and N. Kumaran, SCSVMV University, India

Analysing Quality of English-Hindi Machine Translation Engine outputs using Baysian Classification  
Rashmi Gupta, Nisheeth Joshi and Iti Mathur, Banasthali University, India

May 2013, Volume 4, Number 3

Neural Network in Developing Software for Indentifying Arch Form  
Johan Arief Budiman, Health Polytechnic, Indonesia

Table of Content Detection using Machine Learning: Proposed System  
Rachana Parikh and Avani vasant, V.V.P. Engineering College, India

Offline Character Recognition using Monte Carlo Method and Neural Network  
Hitesh Rajput1, Tanmoy Som2, and Somitra Kar1, 1Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India and 2IIT(BHU), India

Waypoint Flight Parameter Comparison of an Autonomous UAV  
Nils Gageik, Michael Strohmeier and Sergio Montenegro, University of Wuerzburg, Germany

Using A Bag of Words for Automatic Medical Image Annotation With A Latent Semantic  
Riadh Bouslimi, Abir Messaoudi and Andjalel Akaichi, High Institute of Management, Tunisia

March 2013, Volume 4, Number 2

Probabilistic Measures for Interestingness of Deviations - A Survey  
Adnan Masood1 and Sofiane Ouaguenouni2, 1Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences,USA and 2Oracle Corporation, USA

Efficient Partitioning Based Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering Using Graphics Accelerators With Cuda  
S.A. Arul Shalom and Manoranjan Dash, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Extension of Hidden Markov Model for Recognizing Large Vocabulary of Sign Language  
Maher Jebali1, Patrice Dalle2 and Mohamed Jemni1, 1ESSTT University of Tunis, Tunisia and 2IRIT Univ. of Toulouse3,

A Logic of Spatial Qualification Using Qualitative Reasoning Approach  
B. O. Akinkunmi1 and Patience C. Bassey2, 1University of Ibadan, Nigeria and 2University of Uyo, Nigeria

Finding Initial Parameters of Neural Network for Data Clustering  
Suneetha Chittineni1 and Raveendra Babu Bhogapathi2, 1R.V.R. & J.C. College of Engineering, India and 2VNR Vignana
Jyothi Institute of Engineering & Technology, India

January 2013, Volume 4, Number 1

Providing New Meta-Heuristic Algorithm for Optimization Problems Inspired by Humans' Behavior to Improve
their Positions
Azar, Adel, Seyed mirzaee, Seyed moslem, Tarbiat modares university, Iran

Interpretation Trained Neural Networks Based on Genetic Algorithms  
Safa S. Ibrahim and Mohamed A.Bamatraf, Assiut University, Egypt

Multimodel Control and Fuzzy Optimization of an Induction Motor  
Mehdi Dhaoui1,3, Makhlouf Laakam1,2,, Lassaad Sbita1,3, 1Research unit of Photovoltaic, Wind and Geothermal Systems,
Tunisia, 2Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Djerba, Tunisia and 3National Engineering School of Gabes, Tunisia

Particle Swarm Optimization Based Adaptive Strategy for Tuning of Fuzzy Logic Controller  
Sree Bash Chandra Debnath1, Pintu Chandra Shill2 and Kazuyuki Murase2, 1Premier University, Bangladesh, 2University
of Fukui, Japan

Development of Yes/No Arabic Question Answering System  
Wafa N Bdour and Natheer K. Gharaibeh, Balqa Applied University, Jordan

Using Voting Approach for Event Extraction and Event-DCT, Event-Time Relation Identification  
Anup Kumar Kolyal1, Asif Ekbal2 and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay1, 1Jadavpur University, India and 2 Indian Institute
of Technology - Patna, India

An Integrated Genetic-Based Model of Naive Bayes Networks for Credit Scoring  
Ali Zeinal Hamadani, Ali shalbafzadeh, Taghi Rezvan and AfshinShahlayi Moghadam, Isfahan University of Technology,

Alphabet Recognition of American Sign Language : A Hand Gesture Recognition Approach Using Sift Algorithm  
Nachamai. M, Christ University, India

Data Mining and Neural Network Techniques in Stock Market Prediction : A Methodological Review  
Debashish Das and Mohammad Shorif Uddin, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh

Classification of Multivariate Data Sets without Missing Values Using Memory Based Classifiers - An Effectiveness
C. Lakshmi Devasena, Sphoorthy Engineering College, India

RAFI - A Stereo Vision Based Autonomous Mobile Area Mapping Robot with 16 DOF  
Md. Shafayat Hossain, Ahmedullah Aziz, and Mohammad Wahidur Rahman, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh

Constructing Minimal Spanning Tree Based on Rough Set Theory for Gene Selection  
Soumen Kumar Pati1 and Asit Kumar Das2, 1St. Thomas'College of Engineering and Technology, India and 2Bengal
Engineering and Science University, India