Volume 6

December 2014, Volume 6, Number 6

System Level Simulation for Two Tier Macro-Femto Cellular Networks
Shiqi Xing, Pantha Ghosal, Shouman Barua, Ramprasad Subramanian and Kumbesan Sandrasegaran, University of Technology
Sydney, Australia

A Novel Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Sink Mobility
Deepa V. Jose1 and G.Sadashivappa2, 1Christ University, India and 2R.V College of Engineering, India

Realisation of AWGN Channel Emulation Modules Under SISO and SIMO Environments for 4G LTE Systems
R. Shantha Selva Kumari and M. Aarti Meena, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India

Local Distance's Neighbouring Quantification
Meryem Saadoune, Abdelmajid Hajami and Hakim Allali, Hassan 1st University, Morocco

Performance Evaluation of Different Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Realistic Implementation Oriented Model in Cognitive
Radio Networks

Dipak P.Patil1 and Vijay M.Wadhai2, 1SGBAU, India and 2Sinhgad Academy of Engineering, India

A Novel Architecture for SDN-Based Cellular Network
Md. Humayun Kabir, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Impact of Random Mobility Models on OLSR
P.S. Vinayagam, Pondicherry University Community College, India

L-Shaped Slot Loaded Semicircular Patch Antenna for Wideband Operation
Amel Boufrioua, University Constantine, Algeria

RSAODV : A Route Stability Based Ad Hoc on Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Sanjeev K. Prasad1 and Karamjit Bhatia2, 1Ajay Kumar Garg Engg. College, India and 2Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, India

October 2014, Volume 6, Number 5

Group Based Algorithm to Manage Access Technique in the Vehicular Networking to Reduce Preamble ID Collision and
Improve RACH allocation in ITS

Ramprasad Subramanian, Shouman Barua, Sinh Cong Lam, Pantha Ghosal and Kumbesan Sandrasegaran, University of
Technology Sydney, Australia

Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks: Design and Modeling
Hussaini Habibu, Adamu Murtala Zungeru, Ajagun Abimbola Susan and Ijemaru Gerald, Federal University, Nigeria

An Energy Saving Algorithm to Prolong the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network
Monika Raghatate and Dipak W. Wajgi, St. Vincent Pallotti College of Engineering and Technology, India

A Novel Approach for Mobility Management in LTE Femtocells
Pantha Ghosal, Shouman Barua, Ramprasad Subramanian, Shiqi Xing and Kumbesan Sandrasegaran, University of
Technology Sydney, Australia

The Sensors Networks WSN and VSN: A Theoretical Comparison
Bahidja Boukenadil and Mohammed Feham, Tlemcen University, Algeria

Design and Analysis of High Gain Diode Pre-Distortion Linearizer for TWTA
Anuraag Misra1, Archan Sarkar2 and Bhaswar Dutta Gupta2, 1Accelerator Physics Group, India and 2Netaji Subhash
Engineering College, India

Performance Analysis of FLS, EXP, LOG and M-LWDF Packet Scheduling Algorithms in Downlink 3GPP LTE System
Farhana Afroz, Shouman Barua and Kumbesan Sandrasegaran, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

A Practical Optimisation Method to Improve QOS and GOS-Based Key Performance Indicators in GSM Network Cell Cluster Environment
Joseph Isabona and Kingsley Obahiagbon, Idahosa University, Nigeria

Macro with Pico Cells (HETNETS) System Behaviour using Well-Known Scheduling Algorithms
Haider Al Kim, Shouman Barua, Pantha Ghosal and Kumbesan Sandrasegaran, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Data Mining of NS-2 Trace File
Ahmed Jawad Kadhim, General Directorate of Education in Qadisiyah-Ibn al Nafis School for Boys, Iraq

Auto Default Gateway Settings for Virtual Machines in Servers using Default Gateway Weight Settings Protocol (DGW)
Suman Dutta1, Shouman Barua2 and Jishu Sen2, 1IT Trainer, Sydney and 2University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Design and Performance Evaluation of Two-Unit YAGI-UDA Array for UHF Satellite Communication
Rupesh Lad, Pritesh Chhajed, Lokeshsingh Bai, Shyam Dahiwal, Sukhada Saoji, Vaibhav Rekhate, Pushkar Chaudhari,
Shimoli Shinde, Ketan Chitale, Anjali Mondhe and Shreyas Kulkarni, College of Engineering Pune, India

Rach Congestion in Vehicular Networking
Ramprasad Subramanian and Kumbesan Sandrasegaran, Centre for Real-time Information Networks, Australia

A Simulation Based Performance Evaluation of AODV, R-AODV and PHR-AODV Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Pravanjan Das1, Sumant Kumar Mohapatra2 and Biswa Ranjan Swain2, 1Ericsson India Global Services Pvt. Ltd., India and
2Trident Academy of Technology, India

Comparative Study on Priority Based QOS Aware Mac Protocols for WSN
Shouman Barua1, Farhana Afroz1 Sikder Sunbeam Islam2, Afaz Uddin Ahmed3 and Pantha Ghosal1 Kumbesan Sandrasegaran1, 1University of Technology Sydney, Australia, 2International Islamic University, Bangladesh and 3University of Malaya, Malaysia

August 2014, Volume 6, Number 4

Highly Reliable Multi-Service Provisioning using Sequential Prediction of Zone and PL&T of Nodes in Mobile Networks
Sharmistha Khan, Dhadesugoor R. Vaman and Siew T. Koay, Prairie View A&M University, USA

Data Collection Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network with Mobile Collector
Khaled A. Almi'ani, Muder Almi'ani, Ali Al_ghonmein and Khaldun Al-Moghrabi, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan

Implementation of Application for Huge Data File Transfer
Taner Arsan, Fatih Günay and Elif Kaya, Kadir Has University, Turkey

Performance Analysis and Implementation for Nonbinary Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Decoder Architecture
Tony Tsang, La Trobe University, Australia

Design and Implementation of Low Latency Weighted Round Robin (LL-WRR) Scheduling for High Speed Networks
Zuber Patel and Upena Dalal, National Institute of Technology, India

Performance Evaluation of Least Disruptive Topology Repair Algorithm (Ledir) Using Ns-2
Niharika Gorre, Prudhvi Raj Kyatham and Mohamed El-Sharkawy, Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, USA

An Efficient Model for Reducing Soft Blocking Probability in Wireless Cellular Networks
Edem E. Williams1 and Daniel E. Asuquo2, 1University of Calabar, Nigeria and 2University of Uyo, Nigeria

Bandwidth Aware on Demand Multipath Routing in Manets
Tripti Sharma1 and Vivek Kumar2, 1Inderprastha Engineering College, India and 2Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, India

Data-Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks using Mobile Elements
Khaled A. Almi'ani, Ali Al_ghonmein, Khaldun Al-Moghrabi and Muder Almi'ani, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan

Mobility Models for Delay Tolerant Network: A Survey
M Shahzamal, M F Parvez, M A U Zaman and M D Hossain, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, Bangladesh

June 2014, Volume 6, Number 3

Characterization of Directed Diffusion Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network
Mohammad Abdus Salam and Tanjima Ferdous, Southern University, USA

Stochastic Analysis of Random Ad Hoc Networks with Maximum Entropy Deployments
Thomas Bourgeois and Shigeru Shimamoto, Waseda University, Japan

A Cross-Layer Delay-Aware Node Disjoint Multipath Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Mahadev A. Gawas1, Lucy J.Gudino1, K.R. Anupama1 and Joseph Rodrigues2, 1BITS PILANI K.K. Birla Goa campus, India and
2ATEC Verna goa, India

Zigbee Based Wearable Remote Healthcare Monitoring System for Elderly Patients
Khalifa AlSharqi, Abdelrahim Abdelbari, Ali Abou-Elnour and Mohammed Tarique, Ajman University of Science and
Technology, UAE

Path-Constrained Data Gathering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Elements
Bassam A. Alqaralleh and Khaled Almi'ani, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan

Performance Analysis of VOIP Traffic Over Integrating Wireless LAN and WAN Using Different Codecs
Ali M. Alsahlany, Al-Najaf Technical College, Iraq

Effect Of Node Mobility Onaomdv Protocol in Manet
Indrani Das, D.K Lobiyal and C.P Katti, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

April 2014, Volume 6, Number 2

Amplitude and Phase Modulation for Ultrasonic Wireless Communication
Nan Gao and Shigeru Shimamoto, Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies, Japan

OSC-MAC: Duty Cycle with Multi Helpers CT Mode WI-LEM Technology in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mbida Mohamed and Ezzati Abdellah , Emerging Technologies Laboratory (VETE), Morocco

Impact of Client Antenna’s Rotation Angle and Height of 5g Wi-Fi Access Point on Indoor Amount of Fading
Jehad Hamamra, Hassan El-Sallabi and Khalid Qaraqe, Texas A&M University, Qatar.

Analysis of Security Threats in Wireless Sensor Network
Sahabul Alam and Debashis De, West Bengal University of Technology, India

New Strategy to Optimize the Performance of Spray and Wait Routing Protocol
Mohamed Ababou, Rachid Elkouch , Mostafa Bellafkih and Nabil Ababou, National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications
- INPT, Morocco

Elgamal Signature for Content Distribution with Network Coding
Alireza Ghodratabadi and Hashem Moradmand Ziyabar, Malekashtar University of Technology, Iran.

Multiagent Based Multipath Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks
Vidya S. Bennur1, Sadashiv S. Shirabur2 and Ashok V. Sutagundar3, 1East Point College of Engineering for Women, India,
2Veerappa Nisty Engineering College, India and 3Basaveshwar Engineering College Bagalkot, India

An Approach to DSRRouting QOS by Fuzzy-Genetic Algorithms
Sara Aliabadi and Mehdi Agha Saram, Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch Yazd, Iran

Design and Analysis of Mimo System for UWB Communication
Mihir N. Mohanty1, Monalisa Bhol1, Laxmi Prasad Mishra1 and Sanjat Kumar Mishra2, 1Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan University,
India and 2Seemanta Engineering College, India

February 2014, Volume 6, Number 1

Opportunistic And Playback-Sensitive Scheduling For Video Streaming
Huda Adibah Mohd Ramli1 and Kumbesan Sandrasegaran2, 1International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Malaysia and
2University of Technology-Sydney, Australia

Mobile Elements Scheduling For Periodic Sensor Applications
Bassam A.alqaralleh and Khaled Almi'ani, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan

Impact of Different Mobility Scenarios on FQM Framework For Supporting Multimedia Applications in Manets
Mohammed Saghir, Hodeidah University, Yemen

Zigbee Based Voice Controlled Wireless Smart Home System
Thoraya Obaid, Haliemah Rashed, Ali Abu El Nour, Muhammad Rehan, Mussab Muhammad Saleh and Mohammed Tarique,
Ajman University of Science and Technology, UAE

A Comparative Study In Wireless Sensor Networks
Hasan Al-Refai,Ali Alawneh and Khaldoun batiha, Philadelphia University, Amman Jordan

Geographic Routing Protocols For Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
Sihem Souiki, Maghnia Feham, Mohamed Feham, Nabila Labraoui, University of Tlemcen, Algeria