July 2013, Volume 4, Number 3 

Web-Based Ontology Editor Enhanced by Property Value Extraction  [Pdf
Takahiro Kawamura, I Shin and Akihiko Ohsuga, University of Electro-Communications, Japan

Formalizing BPEL-TC Through Π-Calculus  [Pdf
Preeti Marwaha, Hema Banati and Punam Bedi, University of Delhi, India

Dbpedia Based Factoid Question Answering System  [Pdf
Adel Tahri and Okba Tibermacine, Biskra University, Algeria

Question Classification using Semantic, Syntactic and Lexical features  [Pdf
Megha Mishra1, Vishnu Kumar Mishra2 and H.R. Sharma3, 1SOA University, India, 2RSR-Bhilai, India and 3RCET Raipur, India

The Improvement and Performance of Mobile Environment using Both Cloud and Text Computing  [Pdf
S.Saravana Kumar, J.Lakshmi Priya, P.Hannah Jennifer, N.Jeff Monica and Fathima, Panimalar Institute Of Information Technology, India

A Semantic Based Approach for Knowledge Discovery and Acquisition from Multiple Web Pages Using Ontologies  [Pdf
A.M.Abirami1 and A.Askarunisa2, 1Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India and 2Vickram College of Engineering, India

Semantic Web Query on e-Governance Data and Designing Ontology for Agriculture Domain  [Pdf
Swaran Lata1, Bhaskar Sinha2, Ela Kumar2, Somnath Chandra1 and Raghu Arora1, 1Gautam Buddha University, India and 2W3C India, India

April 2013, Volume 4, Number 2 

Using Exclusive Web Crawlers to Store Better Results in Search Engines'Database  [Pdf
Ali Tourani1 and Amir Seyed Danesh2, 1University of Guilan, Iran and 2University of Malaya, Malaysia

Application of Clustering to Analyze Academic Social Networks  [Pdf
K. Sobha Rani1, KVSVN Raju2 and V.Valli Kumari3, 1MVGR College of Engineering, India, 2Anil Neerukonda Inst. of Technology & Sciences, India and 3Andhra University, India

Towards From Manual to Automatic Semantic Annotation: Based on Ontology Elements and Relationships  [Pdf
Alaa Qasim Mohammed Salih, Aston University/School of Engineering & Applied Science, Canada

Flower Voice: Virtual Assistant for Open Data  [Pdf
Takahiro Kawamura1,2 and Akihiko Ohsuga2, 1Corporate Research & Development Center, Japan and 2University of Electro-Communications, Japan

Using Page Size for Controlling Duplicate Query Results in Semantic Web  [Pdf
Oumair Naseer1, Ayesha Naseer2, Atif Ali Khan1 and Humza Naseer3, 1University of Warwick, UK, 2NUST, Pakistan and 3Bilytica Private Limited, Pakistan

Agents and OWL-S Based Semantic Web Service Discovery With User Preference Support  [Pdf
Rohallah Benaboud1, Ramdane Maamri2 and Zaidi Sahnoun2, 1University of Oum El Bouaghi, Algeria and 2University of Constantine 2, Algeria

January 2013, Volume 4, Number 1 

Development of Universal Namespace for Workflow of University Domain for ASPOCMS  [Pdf
Sanjay K. Dwivedi and Anand Kumar, B. B. Ambedkar Central University, India

Ontology Guided Information Extraction from Unstructured Text  [Pdf
Raghu Anantharangachar, Srinivasan Ramani and S Rajagopalan, International Institute of Information Technology, India

RESTDoc: Describe, Discover and Compose RESTful Semantic Web Services using Annotated Documentations  [Pdf
Davis John and Rajasree M. S, College of Engineering Trivandrum, India

Semantic Integration Process of Business Components to Support Information System Designers  [Pdf
Hicham Elasri and Abderrahim Sekkaki, University Hassan II, Morocco