Current Issue

March 2019, Volume 10, Number 2

Evaluation of Models to Implement the ISO 9001 Process Approach
Nuha El-Khalili, University of Petra, Jordan

Mobile Application Development Methodologies Adopted in Omani Market: A Comparative Study
Seiren Al-Ratrout1, Omar Husain Tarawneh1, Moath HusniAltarawneh2 and Mejhem Yosef Altarawneh2,
1Al zahra College for Women, Oman and 2The World Islamic Sciences and Education University, Jordan

Requirements Variability Specification for Data Intensive Software
Eman Muslah and Said Ghoul, Philadelphia University, Jordan

Converting A Subset of LTL Formula to Buchi Automata
Bilal Kanso and Ali Kansou, Lebanese University, Beirut

Bio-Inspired Requirements Variability Modeling with use Case
Esraa Abdel-Ghani and Said Ghoul, Philadelphia University, Jordan

Size Metrics for Service-Oriented Architecture
Samson Wanjala Munialo1, Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha2 and Kelvin Kabeti Omieno3, 1Meru University of Science
and technology, Kenya, 2Murang’a University, Kenya and 3Kaimosi Friends University College, Kenya

January 2019, Volume 10, Number 1

A Reliable and an Efficient Web Testing System
Kamran Ali and Xia Xiaoling, Donghua University, China

An Iterative Hybrid Agile Methodology for Developing Archiving Systems
Khaled Ebrahim Almajed,Walaa Medhat and Tarek El-Shishtawy, Benha University, Egypt

Applying Continuous Integration for Increasing the Maintenance Quality and Efficiency of Web App
Sen-Tarng Lai, Shih Chien University, Taiwan

Agile Project Management in Non-Software Sectors During Turbulent Times
Nabeel T. Alsohybe1 and Nashwan Sabrah2, 1Sana’a University, Sana’a, Yemen and 2Lebanese International University,
Sana’a, Yemen