Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center (AIRCC)

Volume 2

December 2010, Volume 2, Number 4

Link Spam Detection Based on DBSPAMCLUST with Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
S.K.Jayanthi1 and Ms.S.Sasikala2, 1Vellalar college for women, India and 2KSR College of Arts and Science, India

Seamless Mobility in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Faouzi Zarai1, Ikram Smaoui1, jean-Marie Bonnin2 and Lotfi Kamoun1, 1University of Sfax, Tunisia and 2Telecom
Bretagne, France

Privacy for MHEALTH Presence
Xin Huang1,2, Yang Jiang1, Zuguang Liu2, Theo Kanter2 and Tingting Zhang2, 1University of Oxford, United Kingdom
and 2Mid Sweden University, Swedon

An Efficient Vehicular Communication Outside the City Environments
B. Ramakrishnan1, R. S. Rajesh2 and R. S. Shaji3, 1S.T Hindu College, India, 2Manonmaniam Sundaranar University,
India and 3St.Xaviers catholic College of Engineering, India

Mobile Intelligent System (MIS) and a Multi-Criteria in MPLS Networks
Jawad Oubaha, Ahmed Habbani and Mohammed Elkoutbi, Mohammed V-Souissi University, Morocco

Modelling RF Power Amplifier to Study its Non Linear Effects on RF Communication System, with BER as a
Performance Measure

Aripirala Manoj Kumar and G. Bharath Reddy, G. Krishna Chaitanya Reddy, IIIT-Allahabad, India

September 2010, Volume 2, Number 3

A Dea-Cascor Model for High-Frequency Stock Trading:Computational Experiments in the U.S.Stock Market
Alexander Vaninsky, The City University, USA

A Proposed "OSI Based" Network Troubles Identification Model
Murat Kayri1and Ismail Kayri2,1Yuzuncu Yil University, Turkey and 2Batman University, Turkey

On the Design and Implementation of Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Thomas Davis, Qing Pang, Gordon W. Skelton and Natarajan Meghanathan, Jackson State University, USA

Establishing an Integrated Secure Wireless Sensor Network System: A New Approach
Kalpana Sharma1, S.K. Ghosh2 and M.K. Ghose1,1SMIT, India and 2IIT - Kharagpur, India

Mobility Metrics Based Classification & Analysis of Mobility Model for Tactical Network
Santosh Kumar, S. C. Sharma and Bhupendra Suman, IIT - Roorkee, India

A Novel Scalable Architecture on Android to Cater End-2-End IMS Services to Audio Video Terminals
Suman Kumar S.P and Vijay Anand, Aricent Technologies Holdings Limited, India

A Robust Client Architecture on Android to Cater End-2-End Real-Time Content Management and Personalized IPTV
Services to Mobile Internet Devices

Suman Kumar S.P and Vijay Anand, Aricent Technologies Holdings Limited, India

Comparison of Vertical Handover Mechanisms Using Generic QOS Trigger for Next Generation Network
Rajender Kumar and Brahmjit Singh, NIT - Kurukshetra, India

Optimization Algorithm for a Handoff Decision in Wireless Heterogeneous Networks
E.Arun and R.S.Moni, Noorul Islam University, India

Management of Rescue and Relief Operations Using Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Technology
Lyes. Khoukhi1, Soumaya Cherkaoui2, Rida Khatoun1 and Dominique Gaiti1, 1University of Technology of Troyes, France
and 2University of Sherbrooke, Canada

June 2010, Volume 2, Number 2

Design and Implementation Voip Service On Open IMS and Asterisk Servers Interconnected Through Enum Server
Rendy Munadi , Effan Najwaini , Asep Mulyana and R.Rumani.M, Telkom Institute of Technology , Indonesia

Cross Layer Aware Adaptive Mac Based On Knowledge Based Reasoning for Cognitive Radio Computer Networks
Vibhakar Pathak1, Krishna Chandra Roy2 and Santosh Kumar Singh1,1Suresh Gyan Vihar University, India and
2SBCET, India

Channels Reallocation In Cognitive Radio Networks Based On DNA Sequence Alignment
Santosh Kumar Singh1, Krishna Chandra Roy2 and Vibhakar Pathak1,1Suresh Gyan Vihar University, India and
2SBCET, India

Minimization of Handoff Failure Probability for Next-Generation Wireless Systems
Debabrata Sarddar1, Tapas Jana2, Souvik Kumar Saha1, Joydeep Banerjee1 , Utpal Biswas3 and M.K. Naskar1, 1Jadavpur University, India, 2Netaji Subhash Engg College, India and 3University of Kalyani, India

Performance of DSDV Protocol over Sensor Networks
Khushboo Tripathi, Tulika Agarwal and S. D. Dixit, University of Allahabad, India

The Forecasting of 3G Market in India Based on Revised Technology Acceptance Model
Sudha Singh1, D.K. Singh2, M.K. Singh3 and Sujeet Kumar Singh4. 1Bengal College of Engineering And Technology, India,
2 BIT Sindri, India, 3 Ranchi University, India and 4 JPMorgan Chase - Mumbai, India.

March 2010, Volume 2, Number 1

Preventing Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks on the IMS Emergency Services Support through Adaptive Firewall

Andreea Ancuta Onofrei, Yacine Rebahi and Thomas Magedanz, Fokus Fraunhofer Institute, Berlin, Germany

Securing Internet Protocol (IP) Storage: A Case Study
Siva Rama Krishnan Somayaji1 and Ch.A.S Murty2, 1VIT University, India and 2Network and Security, C-DAC, India

Computer Network Topology Design in Limelight of Pascal Graph Property
Sanjay Kumar Pal1 and Samar Sen Sarma2, 1NSHM College of Management & Technology, India and 2University of
Calcutta, India

Image Compression and Watermarking scheme using Scalar Quantization
Kilari Veera Swamy1, B.Chandra Mohan2, Y.V.Bhaskar Reddy3 and S.Srinivas Kumar4, 1QISCET, India,
2BEC, India, 3QISCET, India and 4JNTU, India

The Impact of Cell Site Re-Homing on the Performance of UMTS Core Networks
Ye Ouyang and M. Hosein Fallah, Stevens Institute of Technology,USA

Improved Packet Forwarding Approach in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using RDGR Algorithm
K.Prasanth1 Dr.K.Duraiswamy2 K.Jayasudha3 and Dr.C.Chandrasekar4, 1K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology, India, 2K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology, India, 3K.S.R College of Engineering, India and 4Periyar University, India

A Performance Analysis for UMTS Packet Switched Network Based on Multivariate KPIS
Ye Ouyang and M. Hosein Fallah, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA