Volume 9

December 2017, Volume 9, Number 6

Performance Evaluation of SQL and NoSQL Database Management Systems in a Cluster
Christine Niyizamwiyitira and Lars Lundberg, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

Spatial R-Tree Index Based on Grid Division for Query Processing
Esraa Rslan1, Hala Abdel Hameed1 and Ehab Ezzat2, 1Fayoum University, Egypt and 2Cairo University, Egypt

Tobruk University Grading System for College of Nursing Version 2 in Tobruk, Libya
James Neil B. Mendoza, Dorothy G. Buhat-Mendoza and Crisola G. Tan, Tobruk University, Libya

October 2017, Volume 9, Number 5

RXML : Path-Based and XML DOM Approaches for Integrating Between Relational and XML Databases
Husam Ahmed Al Hamad, Amman Arab University, Jordan

August 2017, Volume 9, Number 4

KNN Classifier and Naive Bayse Classifier for Crime Prediction in San Francisco Context
Noora Abdulrahman and Wala Abedalkhader, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, UAE

Weighted Constraint Satisfaction and Genetic Algorithm to Solve the View Selection Problem
Mohammed El Alaoui1, Karim El moutaouakil2 and Mohamed Ettaouil1, 1Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University,
Morocco and 2National school of applied sciences Al-Hoceima ( ENSAH ), Morocco

June 2017, Volume 9, Number 3

A Framework for Design of Partially Replicated Distributed Database Systems with Migration Based Genetic Algorithms
Sukkyu Song, Youngsan University, Korea

Interpreting the Semantics of Anomalies Based on Mutual Information in Link Mining
Zakea Il-agure and Belsam Attallah, Higher Colleges of Technology, United Arabs Emirates

SEM Statistical Analyses in Management Strategies
Ren Gui1, KaiMan Zeng2, NanSong Wu2 and Liang Huang3, 1San Jose City College, USA, 2Arkansas Tech University,
USA and 3Zhejiang Gongshang University, China

Simplifying Database Normalization within a Visual Interactive Simulation Model
Belsam Attallah, Higher Education Academy (HEA), UK, British Computer Society (BCS), UK and Higher Colleges of
Technology (HCT), United Arabs Emirates

April 2017, Volume 9, Number 2

XML Compaction Improvements Based on Binary String Encodings
Ramez Alkhatib, Hama University, Syria

February 2017, Volume 9, Number 1

Energy-Aware Disk Storage Management : Online Approach with Application in DBMS
Peyman Behzadnia1, Yi-Cheng Tu1, Bo Zeng2 and Wei Yuan1, 1University of South Florida, USA and 2University of
Pittsburgh, USA