Volume 5

 December 2013, Volume 5, Number 6

On Deferred Constraints in Distributed Database Systems
Yousef J. Al-Houmaily, Institute of Public Administration, Saudi Arabia

A New Keyphrases Extraction Method Based on Suffix Tree Data Structure for Arabic Documents Clustering
Issam SAHMOUDI, Hanane FROUD and Abdelmonaime LACHKAR, L.S.I.S, E.N.S.A Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah
University (USMBA) Fez, Morocco

Column-Store: Decision Tree Classification of Unseen Attribute Set
Tejaswini Apte1, Maya Ingle2 and A.K. Goyal2, 1Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research, Indore and
2Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore

October 2013, Volume 5, Number 5

The Optimization of Running Queries in Relational Databases Using ANT-Colony Algorithm
Adel Alinezhad Kolaei and Marzieh Ahmadzadeh, IT Shiraz University of Technology, Iran

Patent Database : A Methodology of Information Retrieval From PDF
Pawan Sharma and R.C.Tripathi, Indian Institute of Information Technology - Allahabad, India

A Framework for Processing K-Best Site Query
Yuan-Ko Huang and Lien-Fa Lin, Kao-Yuan University, Taiwan

Conceptual Framework for Geospatial Data Security
Sangita Zope- Chaudhari and P. Venkatachalam, Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, India

August 2013, Volume 5, Number 4

Graph Based Local Recoding for Data Anonymization
K. Venkata Ramana and V.Valli Kumari, Andhra University, India

Evaluate Database Compression Performance and Parallel Backup
Muthukumar Murugesan1, T. Ravichandran2, 1Karpagam University, India and 2Hindusthan Institute of Technology,

Fuzzy Statistical Database and its Physical Organization
S.Guglani, C.P. Katti and P.C. Saxena, JawaharLal Nehru University, India

June 2013, Volume 5, Number 3

Spatio-Temporal Queries for Moving Objects Data Warehousing
Leila Esheiba, Hoda M.O.Mokhtar and Mohamed El-Sharkawi, Cairo University, Egypt

Design Methodology for Relational Databases : Issues Related to Ternary Relationships in Entitiy-Relationship Model
and Higher Normal Forms

S Vimala, H Khanna Nehemiah, R S Bhuvaneswaran and G Saranya, Anna University - Chennai, India

Algorithm for Relational Database Normalization Up to 3NF
Moussa Demba, Aljouf University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A Survey on Educational Data Mining and Research Trends
Rajni Jindal and Malaya Dutta Borah, Delhi Technological University, India

The Technology of Using a Data Warehouse to Support Decision-Making in Health Care
Osama E.Sheta and Ahmed Nour Eldeen, Zagazig University, Egypt

April 2013, Volume 5, Number 2

Cloud Database Database as a Service
Waleed Al Shehri, Macquarie University, Australia

Shared Context for Improving Collaboration in Database Administration
Hassane Tahir1,2 and Patrick Br├ęzillon1, 1University Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC), France and 2Energy & Utilities
Department, France

Privacy Preserving Data Mining Based on Vector Quantization
D.Aruna Kumari, K.Rajasekhara Rao and M.Suman, K.L.University, India

February 2013, Volume 5, Number 1

Efficient External Sorting on Flash Memory Embedded Devices
Tyler Cossentine and Ramon Lawrence, University of British Columbia Okanagan Kelowna, Canada

Querying a Trajectories Database About Sex Offenders
Paolino Di Felice, Luca Di Lonardo, and Maurizio Petrocco, University of L'Aquila, Italy

Search Algorithms for Conceptual Graph Databases
Abdurashid Mamadolimov, Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems, Malaysia

An Evaluation Framework of Replication Protocols in Mobile Environment
Archana Sharma1 and Vineet Kansal2, 1Institute of Professional Excellence & Management, India and 2Institute of
Technology and Science, India

Optimization of Dynamically Generated SQL Queries for Tiny-Huge, Huge-Tiny Problem
Arjun K Sirohi, CMJ University, India

A Language for Fuzzy Statistical Database
S.Guglani and C.P. Katti, Jawahar Lal Nehru University, India

Integration of a Course Enrolment and Class Timetable Scheduling in a Student Information System
Vangel V. Ajanovski, Saints Cyril and Methodius University, Macedonia

Approximate K-Nearest Neighbour Based Spatial Clustering Using K-D Tree
Mohammed Otair. Amman Arab University, Jordan