Volume 6

November 2016, Volume 6, Number 6

Low-Complexity Big Video Data Recording Algorithms for Urban Surveillance Systems
Ling Hu and Qiang Ni, Lancaster University, UK

Improved Micro-Blog Classification for Detecting Abusive Arabic Twitter Accounts
Ehab A. Abozinadah1 and James H. Jones, Jr2, 1King Abdul-Aziz University, Saudi Arabia and 2George Mason University,

Studying Academic Indicators within Virtual Learning Environment Using Educational Data Mining
Eid Aldikanji and Khalil Ajami, Syrian Virtual University, Syria

Constructing a Text-Mining Based English Vocabulary Learning List - A Case Study of College Entrance Examination
in Taiwan

Yi-Ning Tu, Yu-Fang Lin and Jou-Cuei Chan, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

September 2016, Volume 6, Number 5

Using Ontology Based Semantic Association Rule Mining in Location Based Services
Ali Mousavi1, Andrew Hunter1 and Mohammad Akbari2, 1University of Calgary, Canada and 2University of Birjand, Iran

MR - Random Forest Algorithm for Distributed Action Rules Discovery
Angelina A. Tzacheva, Arunkumar Bagavathi and Punniya D. Ganesan, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

Multi Model Data Mining Approach for Heart Failure Prediction
Priyanka H U and Vivek R, R.V. College of Engineering, India

July 2016, Volume 6, Number 4

Analysis of Tuition Growth Rates Based on Clustering and Regression Models
Long Cheng and Chenyu You, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

Big Data-Driven Fast Reducing the Visual Block Artifacts of DCT Compressed Images for Urban Surveillance Systems
Ling Hu and Qiang Ni, Lancaster University, UK

May 2016, Volume 6, Number 3

Understanding Least Absolute Value in Regression-Based Data Mining
Matt Wimble, Michele Yoder and Young K. Ro, University of Michigan, United States

Two Level Self-Supervised Relation Extraction From Medline Using UMLS
Huda Banuqitah, Fathy Eassa, Kamal Jambi and Maysoon Abulkhair, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

FHCC : A Soft Hierarchical Clustering Approach for Collaborative Filtering Recommendation
Kaiman Zeng1, Nansong Wu1, Xiaokun Yang1, Lu Wang2 and Kang K. Yen1, 1Florida International University, USA
and 2Saint Thomas University, USA

MCDM Technique to Evaluating Mobile Banking Adoption in the Togolese Banking Industry Based on the Perceived
Value : Perceived Benefit and Perceived Sacrifice Factors

Gbongli Komlan, Dumor Koffi and Kissi Mireku Kingsford, University of Electronic Science & Technology of China
(UESTC), China

March 2016, Volume 6, Number 2

A Survey of Link Mining and Anomalies Detection
Zakea Idris Ali, Staffordshire University, United Kingdom

An Enhanced Frequent Pattern Growth Based on MapReduce for Mining Association Rules
Arkan A.G. Al-Hamodi, Songfeng Lu and Yahya E.A.Al-Salhi, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

A Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Uniform Design
Adel H.AL-Mter and Songfeng Lu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

DIRA : A Framework of Data Integration Using Data Quality
Reham I. Abdel Monem1, Ali H. El-Bastawissy2 and Mohamed M. Elwakil3, 1,3 Cairo University, Egypt,
2MSA University, Egypt and 3Innopolis University, Russia

Anomaly Detection and Attribution Using Auto Forecast and Directed Graphs
Vivek Sankar and Somendra Tripathi, Latentview Analytics, India

A Hybrid Classification Algorithm to Classify Engineering Students Problems and Perks
Mitali Desai and Mayuri A. Mehta, Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology, India

Recommendation for Web Service Composition by Mining Usage Logs
Vivek R, Prasad Mirje and Sushmitha N, RVCE, India

January 2016, Volume 6, Number 1

Opinion Mining of Customer Reviews : Feature and Smiley Based Approach
I R Jayasekara and W M J I Wijayanayake, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

CB-Pattern Trees : Identifying Distributed Nodes Where Materialization is Available
K. Dhanasree1 and C. Shoba Bindu2, 1DRKIST, India and 2JNTUA, India

Towards Reducing the Multidimensionality of OLAP Cubes Using the Evolutionary Algorithms and Factor Analysis

Sami NAOUALI and Semeh BEN SALEM, Military Academy of Fondouk Jedid, Tunisa