Current Issue

May 2019, Volume 10, Number 3

A Survey on Different Machine Learning Algorithms and Weak Classifiers Based on KDD and NSL-KDD Datasets  
Rama Devi Ravipati and Munther Abualkibash, Eastern Michigan University, USA

Multi-Level Feature Fusion Based Transfer Learning for Person Re-Identification  
Yingzhi Chen and Tianqi Yang, Jinan University, China

Improving the Communication for Children with Speech Disorders Using the Smart Toys  
Amr Mohsen Jadi, University of Hail, Saudi Arabia

A Comparative Analysis of Different Feature Set on the Performance of Different Algorithms in Phishing Website Detection  
Hajara Musa1, Bala Modi1, Ismail Abdulkarim Adamu2, Ali Ahmad Aminu1, Hussaini Adamu1 and Yahaya Ajiya1, 1Gombe State University, Nigeria and 2Gombe State Polytechnic, Nigeria

Mixtures of Trained Regression Curves Models for Handritten Arabic Character Recognition  
Abdullah A. Al-Shaher, Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Kuwait

March 2019, Volume 10, Number 2

Comparison Between Genetic Fuzzy Methodology and Q-Learning for Collaborative Control Design  
Anoop Sathyan, Kelly Cohen and Ou Ma, University of Cincinnati, USA

An Obnoxious Lacuna on Discourses and Counter Discourses Over Artificial Intelligence  
Atindra Dahal, Kathmandu School of Law, Nepal

Extractive Summarization with Very Deep Pretrained Language Model  
Yang Gu1 and Yanke Hu2, 1Suning USA, California, USA and 2Humana, Texas, USA

Adaptive Learning Expert System for Diagnosis and Management of Viral Hepatitis  
Henok Yared Agizew, Mettu University, Ethiopia

Modelling of Intelligent Agents Using A–Prolog  
Fernando Zacarias1, Rosalba Cuapa2, Luna Jimenez1 and Noemi Vazquez2, 1Benemérita Unversidad Autónoma
de Puebla, México and 2BUAP, México

An Online Expert System for Psychiatric Diagnosis  
Ahmad A. Al-Hajji, Fatimah M. AlSuhaibani and Nouf S. AlHarbi, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia

January 2019, Volume 10, Number 1

Attention-Based Deep Learning System for Negation and Assertion Detection in Clinical Notes  
Long Chen, Med Data Quest, USA

Automated Tool for Resume Classification Using Sementic Analysis  
Suhas Tangadle Gopalakrishna1 and Vijayaraghavan Varadharajan2, Infosys Limited, Bengaluru, India

A Case Study of Research Improvements in an Service Industry Upgrading the Knowledge Base of the Information
System and the Process Management: Data Flow Automation, Association Rules and Data Mining
Alessandro Massaro, Palo Lisco , Alessandro Lombardi, Angelo Galiano, Nicola Savino, Dyrecta Lab,
IT Research Laboratory, Italy

An IOT-Based Crowd Sourcing System for Object Tracking and Information Sharing  
Mike Qu1, Yu Sun2, 1Northwood High School, Irvine, CA and 2California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA

Extending A Model for Ontology-Based Arabic-English Machine Translation (NAN)  
Neama Abdulaziz Dahan and Fadl Mutaher Ba-Alwi, Sana’a University, Yemen

Efficient Power Theft Detection for Residential Consumers Using Mean Shift Data Mining Knowledge Discovery Process  
Blazakis Konstantinos and Stavrakakis Georgios, Technical University of Crete, Greece

Multi-Agent Based Smart Metering and Monitoring of Power Distribution System: An Extended Framework  
M. K. Ahmed, Bala Modi and S. O. Oladejo, Gombe State University, Gombe, Nigeria