Volume 3

December 2013, Volume 3, Number 6

E-Commerce Business Models in the Context of Web 3.0 Paradigm 
Fernando Almeida1, Jose D. Santos2 and Jose A. Monteiro3, 1University of Porto, Portugal, 2Polytechnic Institute of Porto,
Portugal and 3National Institute of Systems and Engineering of Porto, Portugal

October 2013, Volume 3, Number 5

An Empirical Study on the Usage of Social Media in German B2C-Online Stores 
Daniel Kailer1 and Peter Mandl1 and Alexander Schill2, 1Munich University of Applied Sciences, Germany and
2TU Dresden, Germany

August 2013, Volume 3, Number 4

Mobile and Web Based Remote Business Monitoring System 
Boniface Ndau Mutinda, Karari Ephantus Kinyanjui and Kihuha Cyrus kamau,Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, Kenya

Decorator Pattern in Web Application 
Viliam Malcher, Comenius University, Europe

Communication through Digital Engineering Processes in an Aircraft Program 
Bhanumathi K S and B Haridas, CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, India

June 2013, Volume 3, Number 3

Comparison of Secure and High Capacity Color Image Steganography Techniques In Rgb And Ycbcr Domains 
Hemalatha S ,U Dinesh Acharya and Renuka A, Manipal Institute of Technology, India

Pacififa : A New Measure for Evaluating Authors' Productivity and Activity Over Time 
Asem Omari, Hail University, Saudi Arabia.

April 2013, Volume 3, Number 2

Specification of the State's Lifetime in the Devs Formalism by Fuzzy Controller 
Dahmani Youcef1 and Hamri Maamar2, 1University Ibn Khaldoun, Algeria and 2University Aix-Marseille, France

Adaptive Controller Design for the Hybrid Synchronization of Hyperchaotic XU and Hyperchaotic LI Systems 
Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan, Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR Technical University, India

Part of Speech Tagging of Marathi Text Using Trigram Method 
Jyoti Singh, Nisheeth Joshi, Iti Mathur, Banasthali University, India

February 2013, Volume 3, Number 1

Word Reordering Approach for Machine Translation from English to Dravidian Languages 
J.Sangeetha1,S.Jothilakshmi1 and R.N.Devendrakumar2, 1Annamalai University, India and 2SRIT, India

Mobility Assisted Dynamic Routing for Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks 
S.R.Boselin Prabhu1, V.S.Sakkthi Vigneesh1, Arun Babu1, Anand.T.C1 and S.Sophia2, 1SVS College of Engineering,India and
2Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, India