Volume 2

December 2012, Volume 2, Number 6

A Website Evaluation of Travel Agencies in Iran: An Adoption Level and Value Creation Approach 
Raika Sadeghein, Farid Khoshalhan and Sajad Homayoun, K.N.Toosi University of Technology, Iran

Optimal Task Partitioning Model in Distributed Heterogeneous Parallel Computing Environment 
Javed Ali and Rafiqul Zaman Khan, Aligarh Muslim University, India

Lossy Compression Schemes Based on Transforms-A Literature Review on Medical Images 
Sherin Jabbar and Shaiju Panchikkil, MES Engineering College, India

October 2012, Volume 2, Number 5

An Efficient Algorithm for Anonymization of Set-Valued Data and Representation Using Fp-Tree 
B.K.Tripathy,A.Jayaram Reddy,G.V.Manusha and G.S.Mohisin, VIT University,India

Speaker Identification Using a Nonlinear Speech Model and ANN 
Lajish V.L , Sunil Kumar R.K and Vivek P, University of Calicut,India

LZW Data Compression for FSP Algorithm 
C. Parthasarathy1, G. Kalpana1, V. Gnanachandran2, 1SCSVMV University,India and 2Pattammal Alagesan Arts and
Science College, India

Anew Improved Tactic to Extract Facial Expression Based on Genetic Algorithm and WVDF 
Md Alamgir Hossain1, Goutam Sanyal2 1CIT, West Bengal, India and 2NIT, West Bengal, India

Acoustic Perception Based on Real Time Video Acquisition Using TMS320DM642 
Supreeth K Rao1, Arpitha Prasad B1, Anushree R Shetty1, Chinmai1, R. Bhakthavathsalam2, Rajeshwari Hegde1,
1BMS College of Engineering,India and 2Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

August 2012, Volume 2, Number 4

A Framework for the Interconnection of Controller Area Network (Can) based Critical Care Units 
Nadia Ishaque1, Noveel Azhar1, Atiya Azmi2, Umm-e-laila1 and Ayesha Urooj1, 1Sir Syed University of Engineering and
Technology, Pakistan and 2Yanbu University College, Saudi Arabia

Sliding Controller Design for the Global Chaos Synchronization of Identical Hyperchaotic Yujun Systems 
Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan, Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR Technical University, India

An Automatic Screening Method to Detect Optic Disc in the Retina 
Murugan.R1 and Reeba Korah2, 1Anna University of Technology, India and 2St.Joseph's College of Engineering, India

Design of Multi-Robot System for Cleaning Up Marine Oil Spill 
Emaad Mohamed H. Zahugi1, Mohamed M. Shanta1 and T. V. Prasad2, 1Lingaya's University, India and 2Visvodaya Technical
Academy, India

June 2012, Volume 2, Number 3

Cloud Technologies for Microsoft Computational Biology Tools 
N.Narasimha Rao and K.Rajani Devi, N.I.E.T, India

Cost Optimized Design Technique for Pseudo-Random Numbers in Cellular Automata 
Arnab Mitra1,3 and Anirban Kundu2,3, 1Adamas Institute of Technology, India 2Kuang-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology,
China and 3Innovation Research Lab (IRL) India.

Gesture Based Interface Using Motion and Image Comparison 
Shany Jophin, Sheethal M.S, Priya Philip and T M Bhrugura, Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology, India

Solving A Multi-Objective Reactive Power Market Clearing Model Using NSGA-II 
Ashish Saini and Amit Saraswat, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, India

April 2012, Volume 2, Number 2

Suitability of Service Oriented Architecture for Solving GIS Problems 
Mortaza Saleh, Tahere Yaghoobi and Ahmad Faraahi, Payame Noor University, Tehran

A Software Agent Framework to Overcome Malicious Host Threats and Uncontrolled Agent Clones 
G. Annie Sujitha and T.Amudha, Bharathiar University, India

A Universal Bit Level Block Encoding Technique Using Session Based Symmetric Key Cryptography to Enhance
the Information Security
Manas Paul1 and Jyotsna Kumar Mandal2, 1JIS College of Engineering,India and 2Kalyani University,India

Data Security Analysis and Security Extension for Smart Cards Using Java Card 
A A Deshmukh1, Manali Dubal1, Mahesh TR2, C R Chauhan3, 1Sinhgad College of Engineering and Technology, India,
2Adhiyamaan College of Engineering,India and 3PIET,India

Scheduling Different Customer Activities with Sensing Device 
A.Prasanth Rao1, A.Govardhan1, and Prasad Pinagali2, 1JNTU,India and 2SETU Software Systems Pvt..Ltd, India

The Active Controller Design for Achieving Generalized Projective Synchronization of Hyperchaotic Lu and Hyperchaotic
CAI Systems
Sarasu Pakiriswamy and Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan, Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR Technical University,India

Scheduling and Allocation Algorithm for an Elliptic Filter 
Sangeetha Marikkannan, Leelavathi, Udhayasuriyan Kalaiselvi, Kavitha, Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering and

February 2012, Volume 2, Number 1

Beginner Adult ESL Education in the Age of Technology 
Abdulaziz Aljabre,Frederick, Maryland, USA

Remote Sensing And Control For Establishing And Maintaining Digital Irrigation 
Akin Cellatoglu and Balasubramanian Karuppanan, European Univ of Lefke, Turkey

Alpha Activity in EEG and Intelligence 
Shah Aqueel Ahmed1, D. Elizabath Rani2 and Syed Abdul Sattar1, 1Royal Institute Of Technology And Science, India and
2Gitam University, India

Active Controller Design for the Generalized Projective Synchronization Of Three-Scroll Chaotic Systems 
Sarasu Pakiriswamy and Sundarapandian Vaidyanathan, Vel Tech Dr. RR & Dr. SR Technical University, India

EDPAC : Event-Driven Power Aware Pervasive Computing for Effective Power Utilization in Green Computing 
Jeeva Susan Jacob and Preetha K.G., Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, India

A Robust Method for Moving Object Detection Using Modified Statistical Mean Method 
Safvan Vahora1, Narendra Chauhan2, and Nilesh Prajapati3, 1Vishvakarma Government Engineering College, Ahmedabad, India,
2A. D. Patel Institute of Technology, India and 3Birla Vishvakarma Mahavidyalaya, India

Performance Evaluation of Password Authentication using Associative Neural Memory Models 
P.E.S.N. Krishna Prasasd1, A.S.N. Chakravarthy2, B.D.C.N. Prasad1, 1P V P Siddhartha Institute of Technology, India and
2K.L.University, India